Private Retreats

2nd April 2019

Personal Crisis Management

You are Not Alone… Whatever the current situation in your life might be, it is essential that you understand now that you do not know what to do and you need immediately the best, specialized help you can have with the most direct results. A particularly positive characteristic that a person can have is to know when and who to ask for support.   The Method for your Support We combine psychological support with innovative meditation techniques, experiential processes and self-awareness methods, so as to achieve immediate and sustainable results. […]
2nd April 2019

Personal Self-Awareness Process

Discover the Great You! There are various reasons and purposes that motivate a modern man to get to know himself and improve his life: it could be the stress of everyday life, a more harmonious relationship with his life partner and very often self-awareness itself. Whatever your own reason and purpose might be, we know that you are a contemporary man or woman, that you want to improve your life and that we can help you. Besides, the best investment is to invest in yourself and it is wonderful for […]
1st April 2019

Personal Development

Looking for a Meaningful life? If you take a little distance from your life, you will see that nowadays in advanced societies we are living our grandparent’s dream life. We have plenty of food, our own house, freedom in love, easy transfer and travel, access to knowledge, high life expectancy and so much more than they could have ever imagined… All these form a special condition which offers us the opportunity to evolve. Thus, the need arises to explore a conscious way of living that imperatively brings to the surface […]

Small Group Retreats

4th April 2019

Couple Crisis Retreat

Transform the Antithesis into Harmony In the glorious passionate days of every new relationship, everything is wonderful and miraculous. Even the differences are overlooked for the sake of the magic of a new beginning. As time passes the everyday life challenges that are lurking, slowly gain vital space between the couple and finally push aside and undermine the existence of love. Let’s not be delusional… It happens to every couple and not just you. Compromise is not a solution, it is a beast that grows bigger and bigger and devours […]
3rd April 2019

Family or Friends Retreat

Conflicts Management or Wellness Holiday along with your beloveds It is often the case that people with strong bonds (familial or friendly) tend to face equally strong disputes which threaten to destroy their lives. Statistically dominant cases of disagreement that evolve over time into serious fights occur when people have a professional co-operation, financial disputes or when a new person enters a family or group of friends structure and disrupts the pre-existing balance. If none of the above occurs in your life, a few days of self-awareness and meditation next […]
2nd April 2019

Corporate Retreat

Mindfulness Vs Stress The more pressing the company’s goals and the market’s conditions are, the greater the need for effective stress decompression techniques. Under stressful conditions human relationships are driven to the extreme making it impossible for the team to bond and therefore, impossible to achieve singularity and its goals. It is common knowledge by now that for most companies today an inspired speech at a conference is not enough. On the contrary, investing in teaching their human resources mindfulness and meditation techniques, helps the team to be more effective […]

Group Retreats

1st November 2014

The Freedom Process

The journey of the evolution of man's awareness, which is depicted as his transformational path to freedom, is at the core of the 10-day retreat “The Freedom Process”. It is addressed only to participants who have already experienced the multiday retreats of Serendipity Institute.
15th October 2014

Primal Deconditioning Process

Personal Growth Retreat

An intense personal growth process intended for you who want to break free from the conditioned mind and the harmful behavior patterns; a life-changing group for you who wish to retake your power!
14th October 2014

Active Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness and Abundance

A unique 8-day “Mindfulness in action” experience, composing mindfulness techniques, meditations and an enjoyable Mediterranean flavor of holidays that will help you to realize the abundance available to you; an exceptional retreat that helps you to step out of the complexity of your life and experience well-being, strength and unity while having your vacations.
13th October 2014

The Mystic Pathway to Love

Emotional Detox and Breakthrough

An experiential seminar absolutely necessary on your way towards personal growth and happiness. A deeply therapeutic meditational process based on a new concept which unites the Western approach to therapy with the knowledge on meditation of the East, leading the way to your deepest desire: LOVE!
12th October 2014

Resourcing Retreat

Befriend your Healthy Inner Child

Live a “Born-Again” meditative experience; reconnect through Primal Painting with your authentic creativity, and have a fun alternative Mediterranean vacation.

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