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9 ways to make your life easier

Having the momentum that every new beginning gives us, the momentum of new year we all tend to set goals which we believe will improve our lives and our sense of it.

Before new year begins and as we review last year’s events, we see that we may have managed to realize some of our goals while others we have not.

This article’s purpose is to make nine suggestions for new year whose implementation will certainly enable you to improve your life. Practicing these suggestions daily will give you the opportunity to feel that your life flows more harmoniously, regardless of the external conditions and the events that life holds for you next year.

We wish you a pleasant reading but mostly conscious practice!

9 ways to make your life easier

  1. Do not succumb to your fears

This submission to fear is probably the main reason why people stick with a job they hate or a relationship which they would be better off without. You stick with either one because you are afraid of not being able to find something better. But things are never going to get better if you keep doing the same thing over and over, so find the strength to challenge your fears and change things. There is plenty of research which suggests that fear, as well as other emotions, impair your ability to make rational decisions!

  1. Take on, no more than those that you can handle.

According to economist John Pencavel at Stanford University, working more than 50 hours a week actually makes you less productive and more prone to missing days at work or even leaving it behind entirely. Whether it’s your boss piling up new projects for you when your plate is already full, or the demands being placed on you in your personal life, you need to realize you can only take on so much. Beyond that point, you need to learn to say no to friends and colleagues, delegate your work, or simply find another, more flexible job.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others

By comparing yourself to others all the time, you put unnecessary pressure on yourself, and you risk becoming envious or jealous of their success. Follow your own path to success. Looking at what other people are doing should be done in order to learn from their mistakes or to encourage yourself to follow your own potential, not to beat yourself up.

  1. Purchase only the items that you really need.

While you should definitely treat yourself every now and then, try to think your purchases through. Useless things not only cost you money, but they also create clutter and require you to maintain them, even if you aren’t using them. Statistics suggest that an average home has around 300,000 items! Only purchase and keep items that you really need, and you will be surprised how much simpler your life will become.

  1. Take calculated risks

Avoiding risk is the main thing that’s preventing you from achieving the goals you set. You will never know if that great new idea you have is going to work out if you don’t try. Sure, there is a chance that you might fail, but even if you do, you can use it as learning experience. But if you succeed, you will be glad that you took that risk. We tend to emphasize failure more than potential benefit, and we overestimate the consequences.

  1. Do not take offense easily

Everyone values the freedom to say what they want, even if it’s not backed by arguments. You probably wouldn’t expect people around you to get offended when you present your opinion, so why should you get offended when someone else does the same? If you are right, nobody can force their opinion on you, and that should be more than enough.

  1. Live in the present (here and now)

While it’s great to have goals and plans to achieve a few months and years from now, you cannot put your whole life on hold just because of that. In the meantime, you need to enjoy your life, day by day. On the other hand, whatever happened to you in the past, stop reproducing it into the present. Put a full stop into the past, learn the lesson and come back to the present moment full and wise, enjoying what is available to you.

  1. Free yourself from worries about other people’s opinions

If you are trying to meet everyone’s expectations, you will never truly live your own life and meet the goals you’ve set for yourself. Don’t let others dictate what you should do. Follow your own dreams and wishes.

  1. Take time for yourself

Spending too much time at work or with your family and not having any time for yourself will inevitably burn you out sooner or later. You need to have enough time just for yourself. Invest in yourself. You can meditate, write, read a book, listen to the music you love, take a long walk or do just about anything that will help you relax and take your mind off obligations and chores. By taking a breath, you actually safeguard your own health and come in contact with your inner wisdom.

The last tip to Remember all the above:

Life is for Living!


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