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13th October 2014
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Active Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness and Abundance

What is Active Mindfulness Retreat about?


During the retreat you will have the chance to experience the power of mindfulness practicing the mindfulness of your body, feelings and mind and at the same time the gift of living your life as if every moment really matters. During the retreat you will be given all the opportunities to learn how to meet each moment of your life with an open heart and mind.

Moreover, you will be offered easy-to-follow but deep techniques for cultivating your deepest potential for living a full and satisfying life.

The retreat balances between action and inaction offering you a transcendental combination of both guided mindfulness meditation practice and mindful holidays with enjoyable resting periods. It is a step ahead practice as you will have the opportunity to become more and more mindful, waking up to life, and at the same time to observe, when you choose so, how the everyday occasions distracts you from mindful living!

In this dynamic and practical retreat you will explore how mindfulness practice embraces all the areas of your life with depth and wisdom. By the end of the retreat, you will be able to apply mindfulness even in challenging moments of your life.


In the Active Mindfulness Retreat you will learn how to use and you will sufficiently practice in the following Mindfulness techniques:

  • Talking to your bodymind meditation
  • Zen Koans
  • Active meditations
  • No- mind meditation
  • Transforming Ignorance to Consciousness step by step
  • Walking meditation
  • Swimming meditation
  • Silent sitting meditation
  • Vipassana meditation

Proper guidance is given by the facilitators for all the above techniques and practices. Also, one of the most valued parts of the retreat is the opportunity for sharing with the facilitators on scheduled sessions. During the daily programs there are periods of silence and isolation

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Is Active Mindfulness Retreat for me?

Active Mindfulness Retreat is designed in such a way as to be equally beneficial for both beginners and experienced meditators.

More specifically this retreat is for you if:

  • You are eager to discover your true strength
  • You wish to open to compassion
  • You need to become more aware of your reality
  • You feel that something is wrong with your life but you are not aware of what
  • You know what is wrong but you do not find the way to transform it
  • You suffer from chronic body pains
  • You often feel overwhelmed by your feelings
  • You cannot handle the continuous chatting of your mind
  • You want to deepen your understanding about yourself, other people and life
  • You are entangled in the opposition of right and wrong in your life
  • You feel disconnected from the unity of life
  • You wish to practice mindfulness in an environment which is alive and challenging.

By deliberately stepping out of your everyday life and coming into a retreat environment, the subtle habit patterns of your heart and mind are more easily accessed, and mindfulness begins to deepen opening the pathway of consciousness and serenity for you.

What may I expect from the the Active Mindfulness Retreat?

Among others it offers you the opportunity to:

  • Experience the abundance available to you.
  • Experience gratefulness.
  • Experience well-being and confidence.
  • Experience the validity of each moment in your life.
  • Enlighten yourself about who you are.
  • Open your trust and your heart.
  • Cultivate a new position of acceptance and serenity towards life.
  • Cultivate the invaluable quality of patience.
  • Expand your awareness on every field of your life.
  • Radiate compassion, kindness and intelligence.
  • Come in contact with your depth and wisdom.
  • Discover the pathway for mastering your body, mind and feelings.

Who is facilitating the retreat?

MRIDU MAKRI (Transformational Therapist)

Mridu Makri is a graduate of the Psychology department at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. From the very beginning of her career in psychology, she seeks more effective self-awareness techniques and healing methods, while exploring the path of her personal development. She spends several months each year in India, Denmark and Italy being trained for the next twelve years in new experiential psychological techniques, meditation techniques as well as energy healing methods which she applies during her stay in Greece. Seeking the key to transforming an individual she combines the knowledge and the tools in which she is trained with the depth of the understanding she has acquired and creates an innovative methodology through which she achieves direct and sustainable results in improving people's lives. The key to the methodology's effectiveness is its flexibility and adaptation to the particular needs of the individual. This is the methodology she applies guiding hundreds of people from all over the world, counting over than 15 years of experience in guiding individuals and groups.


Marga Frida comes into contact with personal development and meditation at the end of the third decade of her life and gradually changes her way of life into a conscious way of life. Professionally she comes from the field of advertising, managing her own advertising company for 20 years and offering her clients strategic and communication services. Having worked intensively for her personal development and self-awareness, she is trained in Meditation guidance, in Alternative Psychological Therapies at National Kapodistrian University of Athens and she is Reiki Master. Today, she offers her knowledge and experience in Serendipity, supporting anyone who wants to improve his life and live consciously.

Daily Program at a glance!

8.00’- 9.30’: Talking to Bodymind Meditation
9.30’-11.00’: Breakfast
11.00’-12.30’: Mindfulness Meditation
12.30’-13.00’: Sharing
13.30’-14.30’: Lunch
14.30’-18.30’: Free time for swimming to the sea or resting (optional walking or swimming or silent sitting meditation)
18.30’-19.30’: Active Meditation
20.00’-21.00’: Dinner
21.00’-22.00’: Evening Session


This 8-days retreat is offered with breakfast, lunch, dinner in the Institute and Accommodation in a room of the Institute with banquettes (1-2). Please keep in mind that there is also the possibility for a single-bed room with an extra cost, by arrangement.

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