All in One Experience

We created an environment in which our visitors are in the ideal occasion of taking care of their mind, body and soul.
The soul, with meditation and introspection. The mind, with contacts and discussions way beyond the trivial. The body, with dance, cosy sofas and delicious food. All of the above, take place in a high aesthetics space, surrounded by nature that makes you feel at home.

We created the ideal combination of meditation, holidays and travelling.
The ancient temple of Poseidon in Sounio – quite close to Serendipity – is an ancient high energy location, ideal for meditation. Equally strong experience is meditation on the beach especially in the full moon. A room at the high end hotel Eden Beach Resort is always available for the guest where he/she can relax making use of its superior quality hotel facilities. Eden Beach Resort Hotel offers its guests comfortable, high aesthetics accommodation, a pool, free wi-fi, discount in all water sports and a laid back, homey atmosphere.

With the sea literally in front of you, the visitor of Serendipity Institute can just have a swim any time he/she wants, lie on the beach for a longer break or go windsurfing or waterskiing in one of the most renowned, awarded with blue flag beaches of Athens.

The experience is completed with a spicy flavor of Athens and Greek Islands. Just 40 minutes away by car, the scheduled ride to the heart of ancient and modern Athenian neighborhoods, gives you a good taste of this part of the world. The ride starts experiencing walking through the energetic ruins of Acropolis and Ancient Agora, paying a visit to the breathtaking New Acropolis Museum (one of the most famous in the world), wandering in the paths of two of the most traditional, picturesque and fully alive neighborhoods of Athens and taking time for shopping, tasting traditional plates, drinking and dancing in some of the city’s hot spots. The taste of Greece is completed with a little more spice: a one-day cruise in a nearby Greek island where the flow leads and everything is possible!