Resourcing Retreat 2016
31st August 2016
30th September 2016

Is trauma a personal issue? Something that concerns only the person who suffers from it? If our parents hid their trauma well, it wasn’t passed on to us? And then again, if we hide it well it won’t affect our children?

Until now we knew that trauma gets passed on to children through the upbringing and the behaviour they receive from their parents. We knew that the reasons why next generations carry the same traumas as their ancestors are purely psychological.

Recent studies come to challenge these well established beliefs we have about trauma and give us a new insight on trauma itself and its effects. According to a research conducted by Rachel Yahuda at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital trauma can be passed on from one generation to the next via what is called “epigenetic inheritance”.  Scientists have found that environmental influences in a parent’s life can alter his DNA and therefore affect the genes of his children and even his grandchildren.

The idea we had that the exact same genes we got from our parents will be passed on to our children and there’s nothing we can do about it, is no longer valid. Now it is proven that our genes are constantly modified by the environment, meaning that a parent’s diet, life experiences, stress levels have an impact on his children’s health. In the same way trauma is transferred from generation to generation.

Does this mean that we are doomed to perpetuate trauma? Of course not. It is up to us to let trauma be transferred or stop it from being reproduced; since it is our choices and the environment that we create for ourselves that determine whether trauma passes on or it ends with us. The only way out of this cycle is to recognize, accept and release trauma in order to transform it into a positive way of life. Instead of trying to hide our pain or push it away, we should embrace it and accept it. Allowing our pain to flow is how we allow it to heal and transform into a new approach towards life. By denying the pain and hiding it from others and from ourselves, we actually bury it even deeper into our being. Trauma needs to be brought to the surface and pain needs to be faced in order to be released and transformed.

But of course this process is not easy and it entails the risk of re-traumatization if not done properly and in a safe environment. In Serendipity Institute you will find everything you need during your bold endeavor to face and transform old pain and trauma either caused by your own experiences or inherited from your parents. A safe and serene environment, proper guidance and proven effective techniques are at your disposal to help you reach your goal and create a better and healthier life for you and your children.

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