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28th January 2015

5 Greek delicious ways, to eat more vegetables, all easy to make!

In our days many people are vegetarians or just try to reduce meals with meet. This choice often drives to boring plates. Let’s take a look to Greek cuisine and see how it works here. While we know that the traditional Greek diet decades ago was mostly vegetarian due to the religious fasts, but also to economic reasons, today Greeks have moved away from their traditional diet, eating a more Westernized diet, but surprisingly still consume plenty of vegetables. Let’s see how we do it. Cooked vegetables as a main […]
10th January 2015

The Best of Greece in one Place.

You will also find here the best things Greek culture has to offer: Mediterranean cuisine, Greek hospitality, clear seas, ancient history, warm-hearted people and exceptional service that will make you feel at ease. Unique Location Just a breath away from the sea, in the embrace of a pinewood, next to the ancient temple of Poseidon in Sounio – an ancient high energy location, ideal for meditation – and just 40 minutes away from the center of Athens by car. Serendipity Institute for Creative Living is the ideal location for meditation, […]
10th January 2015

Serendipity Personal Growth Holidays

Personal Growth on the path of Joy! Live an exciting journey leading to personal growth… while being on vacations in Greece! Think of a happy journey towards personal growth. Now add the following ingredients; sun, a unique location in Europe, beautiful seas and sandy beaches, delicious meals, amazing people, exceptional service and pleasant surprises. This is the Personal Growth Holidays experience we offer you in Serendipity Institute. Do you feel stressed by the modern way of life? Spending your vacations by lying on a beach and sipping a drink all day […]
10th January 2015

Next to a Sandy Beach, near Athens…

Let us introduce you to the ZORBA THE BUDDHA WAY OF LIVING philosophy, a creative and passionate way of living which you get to experience through a joyful adventure. “All in One Experience“ In Serendipity Institute we have created the ideal conditions for you to relax and take care of your mind, body and soul. The soul through meditation and introspection. The mind through social contacts and conversations way beyond the ordinary. The body through dancing, relaxing in comfortable sofas and enjoying delicious food. All of the above take place […]
5th January 2015

Meditation. I want to learn more…

If you want to live a full life, you need to get to know your potential and your true self. Mediation is the way to do so. It is the methodology of science and self-consciousness. Meditation is the greatest adventure you can experience in life. In general, most of us are led and dominated by our thoughts and emotions. Eventually, we tend to indentify with these thoughts and emotions. Meditation is the condition of just being without any interventions from the body or the mind. It is a natural situation […]
5th January 2015

Small Secrets of Practicing Meditation (for beginners and more experienced ones)

Stability. Create a meditation program choosing a specific time and place if that is possible. This will help you a lot because your mind and body are mechanisms. This works just like your meals… If you eat at certain times, your body creates hunger at those times. The same applies to meditation. If you meditate according to a time schedule, your mind will be hungry for meditation when the time comes. Frequency. Practice daily. As you might have already noticed, the universe is run by this simple rule: what you […]