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5th June 2017

Primal Deconditioning Process 2017

It is undoubtedly the deepest self-awareness technique and this has been confirmed this year as well. We are grateful for this 10-day experience and for the awareness acquired by each one of the participants.
28th May 2017

Active and Mindful way of living. What does it mean and why is it important?

Mindfulness is a mental and emotional state, feasible during meditation and it is appreciated by scientists for the benefits it offers to people. One step further lies the mindful and active way of life.
8th May 2017

Positive Sunday – 7/5/2017

Our garden was in full bloom and everyone's smile was broad during the Positive Sunday Retreat which took place on the 7th of May! We had the opportunity to meet each other at the last, one-day, meditative retreat before the beginning of the summer season and multi-day retreats. The day was filled with meditations that offered us the chance to strengthen the bond with our true self.
22nd April 2017

Thoughts on the occasion of 15 quotes by Jung

What makes you who you are? What are the factors determining your behaviour? Are you a prey to your past experience or do you get to decide your actions? These crucial questions seem so contemporary and yet they are timeless. People have always been troubled by them and trying to find an answer. Here are 14 + 1 quotes by Carl Jung to make you think on man's eternal pursuit of self-awareness.
28th March 2017

Myself and I – At last together

The glorious moment of meeting ourselves for the very first time, it is a sacred moment in our lives that cannot be forced, nor scheduled. It just happens suddenly, when we have been preparing ourselves systematically and we finally open up to this moment. This is exactly what happened to Siddana Kouros during the last Positive Sunday in Serendipity. We share with you the touchingly true text he sent us recounting his preparation process and the moment of union with himself. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his directness, his honesty and his courage to share his experience with us. We wish to all of you to have many moments like this one and we honestly do our best to support them.
26th March 2017

A Meditator’s Guide to Crises

Crisis, a word and a situation that entered our lives some years ago and became our primary concern and fear. Should we really be afraid of and daunted by crisis though? Is it so tremendous and disastrous as we think it is? Read Osho's mind-opening view on crises that might change the way you perceive your reality.