27th January 2016

The root problem of all problems is mind itself.

The first thing to be understood is what mind is, of what stuff it is made, whether it is an entity or just a process, whether it is substantial or dreamlike. And unless you know the nature of the mind, you will not be able to solve any problems of your life. You may try hard, but if you try solve single individuals problems, you are bound to be a failure -that is absolutely certain- because in fact no individual problem exists: mind is the problem. If you solve this […]
28th December 2015
serendipity greece

Why follow the path of Personal Growth?

There is a great truth which I am not sure how many of you are familiar with and at what degree. “The greatest tragedy in life is not death but the loss of the self, of my light, of what I was born to live.“ If I lose contact with my qualities, with the light that I am, life becomes more unbearable than death. This is why people commit suicide, either literally, or in a thousand other ways: falling into depression, doing drugs, eating, developing autoimmune diseases, going insane. Because […]
31st October 2015

Am I a Meditator or Just Practicing “Meditation”?

More and more people nowadays are meditating practicing mindfulness. Or they think they are?What is the criterion that you are walking on the path of meditation?That you do not fool yourself following practices which actually lead you astray? Osho ‘s words are enlightening concerning this subject. “Remember, meditation will bring you more and more intelligence, infinite intelligence, a radial intelligence. Meditation will make you more alive and sensitive; your life will become richer. “Look at the ascetics: their life has become almost as if it is not life. These people are […]
5th October 2015

Resourcing Retreat 2015

This summer, in the Resourcing retreat number 7 played its magical role... The participants born in 7 different countries, there were 7 men and 7 women, 7 sannyasins and 7 new sannyasins. It is practically impossible for us to describe you our totally amazing experience if you haven’t been here, so as a second best choice, you can have a look below to some photos. Enjoy!
5th October 2015

Thank you for the Ride

Every end leads to a new beginning… Another summer came to an end together with the multi-day Retreats in Serendipity Institute. Magical moments of meditation, companionship, introspection, understanding, joy and enjoyment we experienced this year as well. We met again with the Greek fellow travelers, despite the difficult circumstances. We met and embraced again good friends from abroad and we learned about their achievements, the leaps they managed to do in their life during this year. We met new, wonderful people who came to us with their quests, truth and […]
24th July 2015

The crisis in Greece and the choice to be happy!

Right from the beginning of this summer, the media all over the world talk about the crisis in Greece. The beautiful beaches, the delicious food, the ideal weather and the welcoming Greek people do not seem to interest anyone anymore. Countless articles and experts’ opinions, systematically reproduced by the social media as well, keep analyzing contradictory theories about Grexit, NoGrexit, austerity, solidarity, lazy, impoverished or rebellious Greeks, about strict or compromising or bureaucrats European leaders, about a debt which is sustainable or not… Each and every one of them exaggerating […]
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