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Comforting Lies vs. Unpleasant Truths

Sketch artists usually depict this kind of reality: people in general have the tendency to avoid achieving self-awareness. We also tend to refrain from seeing the true position that humans have in life and in the universe.

Every time such sketches are posted on Facebook they get too many “likes” and thus rises the question:

Who are the ones who find comfort in lies?

In my opinion, we all do. Some of us more often and in many aspects of our life while others less often and in fewer aspects, but in the end… we all do! We are so accustomed to the way of thinking in which we have been trained as to restrict our own perceptiveness.

To make this easier to understand take for example driving. When we were learning how to drive a car we had to think our every move: how to get into first gear, how to shift into second and so on. A few years later, though, we drive mechanically, without thinking of what we are doing. This is exactly how we have learned to think and live: Mechanically.

If we add now to this mechanical way of thinking, the dispute over the best way to conquer the truth coming from many different teachings available to modern man, we are led to a series of misunderstandings raising the next question:

How can I distinguish the truth from the lies?

Believe in you and in you only! Not in your mechanical, rational self, but in you. Close your eyes, go into meditation, ask your heart and then you will know. Yes, it is necessary to get trained in this new way of perception. You have to build a strong connection with the depths of your soul, the real you.

The good news is that when you achieve this connection, you will be able to meet your real self, consult him as often as you want and about anything and, of course ,you will get answers every time. However, you cannot build this connection just by snapping your fingers. You have to invest time, just like you did when you were learning how to drive.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you can conquer the truth, it is inside you! And this leads us to the next question:

Is the truth really ugly?

Definitely not! But, in order to realize this we’ll have to dive deep into the truth. Look into its eyes. To make that dive it is vital for us to feel safe and for the environment to be supportive. If, for example, someone asks you to descend into a dark basement through a squeaky staircase… you would be scared… If he asks you the same thing but this time he lights a bright light for you, the feeling will be different…

Excitement and the joy of finding the truth is what we feel when we are safe during our quest. It is human nature, after all, to love to discover new things. Truth is the corner stone of our existence!

In order for someone to feel safe, it takes a lot more than a light shining down the way to the basement. It takes a hand holding yours, a warm loving hug, knowledge, supportive techniques and many more things that you will find here.

If you are searching for the truth, it is most certain that you will find it in all of our retreats. If you wish to detach yourself from your mechanical way of thinking, which is an important step towards the discovery of your truth, come to Active Mindfulness Retreat  and acquire a new attitude in life.


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