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Personal Crisis Management
2nd April 2019
Family or Friends Retreat
3rd April 2019

Corporate Retreat

Mindfulness Vs Stress

The more pressing the company’s goals and the market’s conditions are, the greater the need for effective stress decompression techniques. Under stressful conditions human relationships are driven to the extreme making it impossible for the team to bond and therefore, impossible to achieve singularity and its goals.

It is common knowledge by now that for most companies today an inspired speech at a conference is not enough. On the contrary, investing in teaching their human resources mindfulness and meditation techniques, helps the team to be more effective and the people to be healthier and happier.

Here you will not find just a pleasant experience but an experience highly effective and sustainable, designed according to your company’s needs and its human resources.


Method and Outcome

We combine psychological support with innovative meditation techniques, experiential processes and self-awareness methods, so as to achieve immediate and sustainable results. Furthermore, you will be trained in mindfulness techniques which will prove to be a very useful tool in your work environment. But above and beyond techniques, we rely on our deep knowing of human nature, human personality, the group dynamics and life itself.

We design each program focusing on your company’s DNA and needs, recognizing at the same time that all members of the team have their own unique needs which we will cover and respect.


Mindfulness Vs Stress

Imagine instead of having an annual corporate event, having a meeting of the working team in a new environment, surrounded by nature, next to the sea, taking part in a program based on mindfulness techniques and designed specifically for you. The results, on individual and collective level, will certainly surprise you!