Family or Friends Retreat
3rd April 2019

Couple Crisis Retreat

Transform the Antithesis into Harmony

In the glorious passionate days of every new relationship, everything is wonderful and miraculous. Even the differences are overlooked for the sake of the magic of a new beginning. As time passes the everyday life challenges that are lurking, slowly gain vital space between the couple and finally push aside and undermine the existence of love. Let’s not be delusional… It happens to every couple and not just you.

Compromise is not a solution, it is a beast that grows bigger and bigger and devours the life of both of you. At the very opposite of compromise, breaking up is often the ultimate solution, but really how many times can you stand to live the same scenario of love and its collapse? The solution lies in the transformation of the antitheses into harmony.



We combine psychological support with innovative meditation techniques, experiential exercises and self-awareness methods, so as to achieve direct and sustainable results. But beyond techniques, we rely on our deep understanding of human nature, human personalities, interpersonal relationships and life.

There was common ground when you fell in love, which still exists under the egocentric distortions caused by the antitheses and the lack of self-awareness. There is a way to transform the antitheses and find harmony in their place.


The Outcome

In the transformational process that we will go through together so that the harmony in your life will take the place of the current antitheses, you will also achieve the following:

– In-depth understanding of your behavioral triggers as well as your partner’s.
– Deepening of love in your relationship.
– Recognition of the healthy boundaries in your behaviours towards each other and your areas of responsibility in your common life.
– Creation of a map with the areas where your complementary qualities and behaviours can lead you to a harmonious life together.


To make the Dream Come True!

It is certain that you, like all people, started off with the best of intentions seeking to share your life with a partner in conditions of love, mutual respect and understanding, freedom and support. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, as it is always the case, you encountered difficulties which without the proper guidance often prove to be insurmountable and disastrous. Difficulties that mainly occur due to lack of understanding of ourselves and therefore of our partner. If you are in the difficult yet beneficial place where you realize that you need specialized help and guidance in order to make a harmonious journey together, it is time to contact us by sending an email.

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