28th December 2016
Anger vs Mindfulness
29th January 2017

Were you afraid of the dark as a kid? Well, you weren’t the only one. Most of us were. It was a fear instilled into us and it never crossed our minds to question it. We were taught very early in our life to be afraid of the dark and all the dangers lurking in it.

It was our parents that taught us this fear, as they were taught by their parents when they were kids. What is actually passed down from one generation to the next is the fear of the unknown. We were taught that the unknown always hides dangers that we cannot face.

The older we get the more this fear governs us. As the years go by fear takes up many forms which turn into phobias at some point. This is the result of obeying fear rather than facing it.

But even obedience was taught to us, it served as a means of control when we were kids. It is the very same obedience we display  towards fear, as a result fear grows bigger and fiercer as time goes by and we grow unable to enjoy the gift of life…

Can you recall what happened every time you turned the light on? You realized that there was nothing scary. Ιn fact, there was nothing unknown.

We have unconsciously formed a connection between scary and unknown, this led to the denial of our dark thoughts and emotions since they are perceived as scary. It takes a lot of courage to turn the light on our emotional darkness and we tend not to. It is easier to deny its existence. But this conditioned part of our personality is still there, whether we acknowledge it or not, and it is growing bigger day by day taking control over us and over our actions.

We spend huge amounts of energy every day to suppress our conditionings and keep them hidden from others and even from ourselves, in order “to protect” the upbringing we received from our parents. It is our conditioned mind that we are ashamed to reveal.

The only way to gain awareness of our conditionings is to acknowledge the darkness and take the time needed to heal. We should definitely do this if we want to have back ourselves and do it as soon as possible. The longer we avoid confronting our conditionings, the more dangerous they become.

To deepen our spirituality, we must face our childhood trauma.

On this path to spirituality it is necessary to expose and understand our darkness. The constant pursuit of our light often leads us astray and away from our negative emotions such as shame, guilt, greed, competition, lust and aggression. While it is our dark side we need to work on first before we discover our light.    

As it is only through darkness that we can reach the light. The disclosure of our conditioning that was formed during our childhood has to take place in a safe and loving environment. Any other way would frighten the inner child we all have.

Going on the unique and important journey of Primal Deconditioning Process is as if turning on the light in the room of our childhood. There are no threats hiding into our dark emotions and thoughts. There are only the fears and the behaviours of our parents which we adopted. Now we can finally get rid of them and enjoy the light of our life.



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