With the eyes of the Sky and the Earth
1st September 2018
The great obstacle of modern man
21st April 2019

Nothing can be done without a person’s consent. No good nor evil.

Neither can a person’s figure nor his conduct become more beautiful or ugly without his consent.

If a person becomes stubborn, nothing can make him move… not even for his own good! Even the most inspired teacher cannot convey the truth when facing this part of man’s personality, the part that resists change and becomes stubborn.

“Yes, I want to understand what life is, I want to live happily, but no I don’t want to change anything!” It looks like bipolarism, but it is not. It is ignorance.

[In what follows I am going to describe some situations that are definitely familiar. Some of which may make you nod as you usually do when you agree with something. But their objective is not just for you to nod in agreement surpassing the knowledge and reaffirming ignorance: their objective is to create awareness and maybe urge you to act on what you recognize…]


1st field of ignorance:

We create an impression in our minds that the life that we experience is the best that we can have, despite the fact that we do not feel happy. We express this impression by saying “well…I’m OK” or “good, good… in general I’m alright” but most importantly we defend it because we perceive it as the most fundamental achievement of our lives.


2nd field of ignorance:

We believe that if a shockingly good event (e.g. win the lottery, a particular person falls in love with me, I get a promotion) happens in our lives, everything will be perfect! Nope… this or that which we call shockingly good events and compose our goals even if we achieve them, they will bring just a brief sense of euphoria in our everyday life. Of course, we have not observed this enough in our lives in order for us to understand it. For example: how long did you feel euphoria for the first motorcycle or car that you got? How long did it take you to desire something even better?


3rd field of ignorance:

“This does not concern me… I know very well who I am… I don’t need any self-awareness processes. I know myself very well, it’s just my boss that is an @sshole, I married the wrong person, I cannot have a child” etc. It is always someone else’s fault or it is our ill fate. We never think that if we understand ourselves we will improve our lives and this change will transform everyone and everything around us.


4th field of ignorance:

“I don’t want to look at the bottom of my soul… I’ll go crazy… I’m scared… what if there are monsters hiding there?” Behind these thoughts lies another truth, that you are too guilt-prone to bear to accept that you have made mistakes in your life so far and at the same time you are too judgmental to forgive yourself. These are the monsters that you are afraid to face! You can read more in the article: Life through a deforming mirror.


5th field of ignorance:

The sense of the self that we have, that is what we know about ourselves, is something that others do not know simply because it is not supported consistently by our behavior. This gap is filled by other kinds of behavior which are usually the opposite of the characteristics of the self that we recognize. But of course, given that in this world we are our actions, in reality we often act like the opposite of ourselves and we do not recognize it. For example, find a person who gets angry easily and you will find out if you ask him that he thinks himself to be a peaceful person and that his anger is caused by others…

And because we are now in deep waters, I shall go no further.

All of the above are part of each person’s ignorance, who does not wish an honest self-awareness path and resists successfully. You see, free will too is like a knife: if you don’t know how to use it, instead of cutting the watermelon you may cut your hand!




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