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Am I a Meditator or Just Practicing “Meditation”?
31st October 2015
Protected: The Wonderful You
1st December 2015

If you truly seek your authentic self, the joy of creativity and the liveliness in life;

If you truly understand that a new era is struggling to be born and give birth to the “new man”, then we have many things in common and I would like to share with you what I know;

I would like to tell you about the five paths.

Five paths, under the guidance of Bodhi Mridu, will enchant you to walk them all.

I am not sure if, when combined together, they resemble rays or spirals which all end up to the same peak. Whatever the case, you will feel the need to walk them all in order to experience the one and only truth: the whole.

  1. The energy path of self healing and healing of all bodies. The contact with the other dimensions is what constitutes the path of Reiki Healing.
  2. The foundations upon which you will build a healthy adult. The opportunity to discard from inside everything that is not yours and become who you wish to be from the depths of your soul: this is the path of Primal Deconditioning Process.
  3. The ability to be centered, the magical wholeness of here and now in action, in this life, in this moment, happy, in contact with yourself and with everything, this is the path of Active Mindfulness.
  4. The unraveling, the freedom, the openness of the heart. The love towards yourself and towards everything. The love you transmit and the love you attract is the path of Mystic Pathway to Love.
  5. The blooming of possibilities, life being full of creativity again, liveliness, small and great miracles. Life being wonderful again, as when we were children, this is the path of Resourcing.

I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and walk down all five paths, again and again, as many times as necessary, like when you peel an onion, layer by layer, until you reach the core of your being. At first, you will get rid of the dry layers and this will give you a new insight over life.

Do not rush, the journey is enjoyable and each path has its own wonders to reveal.

Any tears that may emerge along the way are welcome but not necessary. Our techniques support the joy in life, the joy of understanding and transcending. Our techniques, under the guidance of Bodhi Mridu, communicate with your rational, your emotional and mental being. Hence, you will be able to transform into the “new man”.

Keep in mind that the registrations for our summer programs in 2016 have already started and the seats are limited.

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