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20th November 2017
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1st January 2018

Important Announcement

In the summer of 2018, the last multi-day retreats will take place and once completed, a new cycle of “creative non-doing” begins for us. Therefore, Serendipity Institute suspends the provision of its services as you know it, for the next year or two.

We know that many of you will feel sad and others will be puzzled by our decision, since it might seem absurd for an Institute that has reached a point at which everyone acknowledges its success and value to take a break for creative inaction… Nevertheless, it is happening.

Serendipity Institute started as and still is a place of creative guidance for people by Mridu Makri, using meditation and other techniques, towards self-awareness, trauma healing, true love and the conscious enjoyment of life.
For those of you who have known her for many years it is easy to understand that with this decision we just put into practice what she has been suggesting/teaching all these years.

With the utmost respect and love for each and every one of you, we announce our decision almost one year before its implementation, so that there is enough time for this change to become conscious and beneficial to everyone.

Until then, private sessions will be held as usual and in summer we will meet with those of you that choose to participate to the exceptional 10-day retreat, “The Freedom Process”. A journey of exculpation and integrity, which will help all of you in your way to maturity.

Serendipity Institute
(December 2017)