Multi-day Retreats:

Compressed Self-Awareness Experience

A feature of our time is the speed at which everything evolves. So, why should then your self-awareness, mental health and the improvement of your life experience follow the slow pace of the weekly sessions that last for years?

We have the techniques and the expertise to design a week or ten-day long program, based on your needs, which will offer you immediate and sustainable results.

The effectiveness of our multi-day retreats is based on:

  • The wide range of techniques that we have and the innovative combination of them.
  • The specialized design of the program, based on your own special needs.
  • The in-depth analysis of the experiences you acquire during the retreat.
  • The exclusive engagement (ours and yours) with yourself for a few days.

All of the above create the right conditions for a holistic experience that will improve your life!

In the case of group multi-day Retreats, the advantage of the personalized design is counterbalanced by the benefits that the group’s dynamic offers and the range of topics that it covers. Additionally, due to the group structure, the participants are easier to develop more soft skills (empathy, co-operativeness, receptivity, adaptability).

Yes… You need to make the decision to put yourself first in your priorities and yourself in return, with our help, will reward you!