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OSHO Born Again


The Born Again is a 7-days process, lasting two hours per day. During the first hour participants regain their childhood acting like children. The second hour is devoted to silent watching and meditation.In this process, a tremendous opportunity is offered to the participants to put aside knowledge, to put aside seriousness; to be absolutely playful for these days. You have absolutely nothing to lose. What can you lose in being playful? But I say to you: you have so much to gain; you will never be the same again!
The insistence of the process on being playful is because of this: you need to go back to the very point from where you stopped growing. There has been a point in your childhood when you stopped growing and when you started being false. You may have been angry, a small child in a tantrum, angry, and your father or your mother said, “Don’t be angry! This is not good!” You were natural but a division was created and a choice was there for you. If you were to remain natural then you would not have the love of your parents. In these days there is a great chance you go back to the point where you started being ‘good’ as against being natural. Be playful so your childhood is regained. It will be difficult because you will have to put aside your masks, your faces; you will have to put aside your personality. But remember, the essence can assert itself only when your personality is not there, because your personality has become an imprisonment. Put it aside. It’s worth it because you are going to be reborn out of it!

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