OSHO is a mystic of our times.

His contribution to the science of inner transformation is so huge that Sunday Times of London ranked him as one of the top personalities that influenced the 20th century.

Osho started his career as a philosophy professor in India. He had deep knowledge and understanding of all philosophical movements, wide experience in meditation  and a strong belief in science. Being someone who trusted enormously the human potential and realizing soon enough that the human kind will have to evolve in order to survive, he developed new meditation techniques based on scientific methods and the standards of life today.

Osho’s work was inspired by a vision that combines the wisdom of the East with the high potential of Western science and technology.
As base for his experiments he created an international resort in India. This space provided a safe and organized environment for his trainees who participated in his experimentations.

His radical and breakthrough theories brought news to the international community. The American author Tom Robbins described him as “the second most dangerous personality after Jesus”.
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