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What is Reiki system of Natural Healing?

(Usui Shiki Ryotto system)


A practice used as part of several retreats in Serendipity Institute

Reiki is a natural healing method that applies the gentle touch of hands on the body to transmit vital energy. It is a holistic method, treating the diseases of the body at their roots and relieving the physical symptoms. It is also a beautiful and peaceful spiritual path of truth, consciousness and love. Dr.Mikao Usui, the founder of the method, described it as “the secret art to invite happiness” and “the spiritual healing of all diseases“.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats you as a whole including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. Unlike many modern remedies it works directly on restoring the balance on all levels and works directly on the problem and condition instead of just masking or relieving symptoms.

An important aspect of Reiki Natural System is that healing the spirit by consciously deciding to improve your self is a necessary part of the Reiki healing experience. In order for the Reiki healing energies to have lasting results, you must accept responsibility for your healing and take an active part in it. Therefore, the Usui system of Reiki is more than the use of the Reiki energy. It must also include an active commitment to improve your spirit in order for it to be a complete system.


What are the benefits of Reiki?

As it has been already referred Reiki is a holistic healing method that treats not only the body, but also the spirit. Some of the Reiki healing benefits are:


  • It creates deep relaxation and aids your body to release stress and tension.
  • It assists your body in cleansing itself from toxins.
  • It supports your immune system and reduces blood pressure.
  • It accelerates your body’s self-healing abilities.
  • It helps relieve the pain.
  • It compliments successfully any medical treatment.
  • It raises the vibration of your body restoring its natural health.
  • It clears your mind and improves focus.
  • It helps you to have better sleep.
  • It helps in emotional cleansing releasing blocked and suppressed feelings.
  • It increases your vitality (the energy levels) postponing the aging process.
  • It helps your spiritual growth as it opens an intimate door for you to meditate.
  • It promotes your creative powers.
  • It heals you holistically.

As you may understand from all the above, the great thing about Reiki is that you do not have to be ill to experience its benefits!


How does Reiki Healing Energy work?

The body is more than just a collection of functioning parts. Since everything generates a frequency, the body and its organs have their own energy field which is continually changing. All conditions of disease are rooted in this energy system. If your “life force” is low or blocked, you are more likely to get sick. On the contrary, if it is high, flowing freely, you can maintain your health and well being.

Reiki Healing Energy provides the means to balance your energy fields and centers to create the conditions needed for your body healing system to function.

The Reiki practitioner assists you to heal yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically by channeling the Universal Life Force energy and allowing it to flow where it is needed to bring the energy centers into alignment.

Anyone can experience the therapeutic effect of Reiki, planning one or more individual treatments, and on the top of it, anyone can “learn” Reiki. An amazingly simple technique to learn, the ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense, but it is transferred by a Reiki master to the student via an initiation during a Reiki class. After the initiation you can treat yourself and your beloveds and your ability to use Reiki will never leave you!


A Reiki treatment

You relax, fully clothed, on a mattress or seated while the practitioner holds his hands on or above you. A treatment can last an hour or longer depending on the treatment required. In the western world many practitioners use the standard hand positions and commonly a full treatment is given covering all the important organs of the body.
There is no pressure on the body making it ideal for treating all ages and conditions; sometimes hands are even held away from the body. The energy flows wherever it is required -since it is spiritually guided- and can normally be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body. Receiving Reiki is a very relaxing and soothing experience!

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