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14th October 2014
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1st November 2014

Primal Deconditioning Process

Personal Growth Retreat

What is Primal Deconditioning Process about?

It is common knowledge that the personality we all recognize as "I" is formed in the first 6-7 years of our life. At this tender age of absolute dependence on our parents, we absorb behaviors and feelings without filtering them.

Whether we had a happy or unhappy childhood we have embraced messages and behaviors from family and education which cause us a split between what we feel inside and what we think we should be on the outside.

Primal Deconditioning Process

In the Primal Deconditioning process you will be accompanied step by step, going back in time, exploring the conditionings received at each stage of development of your childhood (releasing the most unconscious layers of your personality) and recovering the valuable parts of yourself at each stage. By healing yourself at the roots, you will have access again to your potential and you may celebrate the freedom of being that is regained when the weight you have been carrying so far dissolves.

It is an experience-based approach using different therapeutic tools and supported by powerful meditation techniques. It includes both the therapy work needed to find out what is conditioned and non-essential in you, and the spaces of meditation where you can individually reconnect with what is natural and essential in you.

During this exploration:

  • You will experience the rules and roles that have been imposed on you by your surroundings and how they have molded a false personality around you.
  • You will recognize the compensations you developed in the hope of being acknowledged, accepted and felt.

Primal Deconditioning Process

  • You will have full space and support to feel what you would have really needed to express as a child.
  • You will have full space and support to release tensions and repressed feelings such as anger and pain that block the flow of vitality in your body and integrate them.
  • You will have the chance to discover inside yourself, as the adult that you are now, the strength and power to stand up for and heal the child inside you.
  • You will have the unique chance to recognize the true gift of life you were given and take responsibility for it.

The group is residential and creates a strong bonding and support system amongst the participants. For the whole duration of the group the participants will be asked to refrain from any direct contact with the outside world. The group is led in both English and Greek language.

Primal Deconditioning Process Primal Deconditioning Process Primal Deconditioning Process

Is Is Primal Deconditioning Process for me?

Primal Deconditioning Process, as it is offered by Mridu, is suitable for you if:

You are already in the path of self development and

  • You want to rediscover the deep-seated impulse that has brought you to want to be born and live exactly this life.
  • You have realized that primal issues are the stepping stones on the path of self realization and personal growth.
  • You have already participated in this process and you recognize your need to explore even deeper your primal issues.

Or, if in your everyday life:

  • You feel split between what you feel inside and what you think you should be on the outside.
  • You attract dysfunctional relationships.
  • You want to make peace with the past and move on.
  • You need new inspiration and energy.
  • You have anger issues or problematic communications.
  • You feel sad, withdrawn, stressed, lonely, abandoned or distrustful.
  • You have a sensation of being false.
  • You have negative convictions about yourself or the world.
  • You feel that you live in the 'survival mode'.
  • You have problem with addictions or codependency.

Important: Previous experience on the path of self-consciousness or participation in other experiential retreats is needed.

What may I expect from the Primal Deconditioning Process?

The Primal Deconditioning Process is giving you the unique opportunity:

  • To conquer and dissolve the negative side of your past, including physically or mentally unhealthy patterns.
  • To access your own inner resources.
  • To gain a new awareness of yourself, other people and life itself.
  • To feel empowered.
  • To restore your physical and emotional health.
  • To purify your body and mind from tension and contamination and restore your inner peace.
  • To move towards creating healthy relationships.
  • To reconnect with your life energy, bringing your energy back to flowing again.
  • To create compassion to your vulnerability and other people’s as well.
  • To find out who you were born to be.

Who is facilitating the retreat?

MRIDU MAKRI (Transformational Therapist)

Mridu Makri is a graduate of the Psychology department at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. From the very beginning of her career in psychology, she seeks more effective self-awareness techniques and healing methods, while exploring the path of her personal development. She spends several months each year in India, Denmark and Italy being trained for the next twelve years in new experiential psychological techniques, meditation techniques as well as energy healing methods which she applies during her stay in Greece. Seeking the key to transforming an individual she combines the knowledge and the tools in which she is trained with the depth of the understanding she has acquired and creates an innovative methodology through which she achieves direct and sustainable results in improving people's lives. The key to the methodology's effectiveness is its flexibility and adaptation to the particular needs of the individual. This is the methodology she applies guiding hundreds of people from all over the world, counting over than 15 years of experience in guiding individuals and groups.


Marga Frida comes into contact with personal development and meditation at the end of the third decade of her life and gradually changes her way of life into a conscious way of life. Professionally she comes from the field of advertising, managing her own advertising company for 20 years and offering her clients strategic and communication services. Having worked intensively for her personal development and self-awareness, she is trained in Meditation guidance, in Alternative Psychological Therapies at National Kapodistrian University of Athens and she is Reiki Master. Today, she offers her knowledge and experience in Serendipity, supporting anyone who wants to improve his life and live consciously.

Daily Program at a glance!

8.00’- 9.00’ : Dynamic Meditation
9.00’-10.30’: Breakfast
10.30’-11.30’: Sharing
12.30’-14.30’: Primal Session
14.30’-15.30’: Lunch
15.30’-18.00’: Free Time
18.00’-19.00’: Kundalini Meditation
19.00’-20.00’: Dinner
20.00’-22.00’: Evening Meditation


This 10-days retreat is offered with breakfast, lunch, dinner in the Institute and Accommodation in a room of the Institute with banquettes (1-2). Please keep in mind that there is also the possibility for a single-bed room with an extra cost, by arrangement.