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13th October 2014

Resourcing Retreat

Befriend your Healthy Inner Child

What is Resourcing Retreat about?

A deeply transformative 9-days process through which you are joyfully led step by step into the experience of discovering your true, shinning self; the one who you are looking for all your life, longing for happiness… And then, you are given the invaluable opportunity to make one more step: consciously choose to practice living in contact with your wisdom during the retreat and thrive!

It is a process giving you the opportunity to learn more about your vital energy, your healthy boundaries, healthy discipline, safety, creative vs destructive energy, expression vs suppression, experiencing vs thinking, facing the unexpected, living in the moment, lessons that unfortunately were missed from the education we received during our childhood and puberty.

Resourcing retreat

This is an absolutely joyful retreat that combines meditation techniques, art therapy, primal healing, group psychology, mindfulness, creative challenges and holidays in a harmonious blending that leaves its imprint on you as a life-changing and life-lasting experience.

It is a step by step procedure supporting you to discover and live the extraordinary in an absolutely ordinary life!

Also, at the end of the group you will experientially have created an inner self portrait of your authentic self that you will carry back home as an integrated experience together with an invaluable painted self-portrait as a remembrance of who you truly are.

The program covers all day long (from morning meditations till night events) giving at the same time to you 3 hours every day for sunbathing and swimming on the beach (500 meters from the Institute), integrating the experience of the day in a relaxed way.

The group is led in both English and Greek language.

Resourcing retreat Resourcing retreat Greece Resourcing retreat Greece

Is Resourcing Retreat for me?

Resourcing Retreat is suitable for you if:

  • You need new inspiration, new ideas and energy
  • You need to come in contact with and rediscover your innocence
  • You need to discover your childhood’s qualities
  • You need to experience the happiness in the simplicity
  • You need to deeply relax
  • You just want to have real fun this summer!


  • You find yourself too serious or too heavy
  • You have acknowledged that a lot of times your mind is driving you crazy
  • You have a sensation of being false
  • You feel nothing is ever enough in your life
  • You face communication problems or you feel withdrawn, apart from the other people
  • You need to uncover hidden messages of your unconscious mind
  • You need to overcome old behavior patterns and to let go of the burden of years
  • You need to dissolve the old idea of “not being talented” or “being too much”
  • You feel that you face problems with your creativity

What may I expect from the Resourcing Retreat?

Among others it offers you the opportunity to:

  • discover hidden qualities of the self you ignore for years,
  • remember and meet your authentic self,
  • drop false ideas you obstinately keep for the self,
  • change behaviour patterns you use against the self,
  • come in contact with your inner wisdom,
  • re-evaluate your whole life.

Who is facilitating the retreat?

MRIDU MAKRI (Transformational Therapist)

Mridu Makri is a graduate of the Psychology department at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. From the very beginning of her career in psychology, she seeks more effective self-awareness techniques and healing methods, while exploring the path of her personal development. She spends several months each year in India, Denmark and Italy being trained for the next twelve years in new experiential psychological techniques, meditation techniques as well as energy healing methods which she applies during her stay in Greece. Seeking the key to transforming an individual she combines the knowledge and the tools in which she is trained with the depth of the understanding she has acquired and creates an innovative methodology through which she achieves direct and sustainable results in improving people's lives. The key to the methodology's effectiveness is its flexibility and adaptation to the particular needs of the individual. This is the methodology she applies guiding hundreds of people from all over the world, counting over than 15 years of experience in guiding individuals and groups.


Marga Frida comes into contact with personal development and meditation at the end of the third decade of her life and gradually changes her way of life into a conscious way of life. Professionally she comes from the field of advertising, managing her own advertising company for 20 years and offering her clients strategic and communication services. Having worked intensively for her personal development and self-awareness, she is trained in Meditation guidance, in Alternative Psychological Therapies at National Kapodistrian University of Athens and she is Reiki Master. Today, she offers her knowledge and experience in Serendipity, supporting anyone who wants to improve his life and live consciously.

Daily Program at a glance!

8.30΄-10.00΄: Breakfast
10.00΄-12.00΄: Born Again Meditation
13.00΄-15.00΄: Primal Painting Session
15.30΄-16.30΄: Lunch
16.30΄-20.00΄: Free Time
20.00΄-21.00΄: Dinner
21.00΄-22.00΄: Evening Session


This 9-days retreat is offered with breakfast, lunch, dinner in the Institute and Accommodation in a room of the Institute with banquettes (1-2). Please keep in mind that there is also the possibility for a single-bed room with an extra cost, by arrangement.

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