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5th January 2015

Small Secrets of Practicing Meditation (for beginners and more experienced ones)

  • Stability. Create a meditation program choosing a specific time and place if that is possible. This will help you a lot because your mind and body are mechanisms. This works just like your meals… If you eat at certain times, your body creates hunger at those times. The same applies to meditation. If you meditate according to a time schedule, your mind will be hungry for meditation when the time comes.
  • Frequency. Practice daily. As you might have already noticed, the universe is run by this simple rule: what you give is what you get!  Give your time making meditation first priority on your list and soon you won’t need this technique any more.
  • Practice.  As in any other field, the same rule applies to meditation as well: practice brings results. Always have in mind: The things we never accomplished are just the ones we never wanted that much.
  • Group meditation. Guided group meditation helps you meditate more easily as the energy involved is higher than in individual meditation. Just like trying to move a piece of furniture alone and with company.
  • Love – Acceptance. Put some love into meditation and you are already half way. Accept what meditation reveals to you about yourself and you are there…
  • Intention. Be clear about your intentions before you start meditation. Is it peace, clarity or supreme good that you are looking for? Good intentions make the mind and its spiritual powers work together effectively.
  • Trust. Trust yourself that you can find again the tranquility you experienced as a kid. All you have to trust is your inner voice, your inner wisdom.
  • Dedication. Participate in meditation with a high degree of dedication. Leave out of the room any other preoccupations.
  • No expectations. Get into meditation, standing at the point of innocence we all have inside us, opening a door to the unknown and setting your expectations free.
  • Game. Meditation isn’t serious, it doesn’t ask for effort or special skills. All you need is to understand it and then it just happens. Like all things in life, you need to understand it, experiment with it and experience it. So just play, experiment and leave your serious self at home.
  • Diary. Keep a diary with all your meditation experiences. This will help you keep track of your meditation record and evaluate your meditation history throughout this inner journey.


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