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1st January 2018
Life review and a conclusion
28th April 2018

Stop complaining about your life, about other people’s behaviour, about the money not being enough to do everything you want, about other people not doing things as you want them to or as you think things should be done and about everything that annoys you daily.

Stop complaining and be a little grateful, for the miracle called life which you experience every day. For your body that keeps you alive and obeys you without objection. For the gift of the five senses, to which if you pay some attention you will bow to their wisdom. Caress your hand, smell the freshly baked bread, savor it, gaze at the starry sky at night, listen to the birds singing at dawn and be grateful that you are here and you participate in this miracle.

Yes, you would like to weigh less, to be popular, not to grow old and live forever… Get serious and be grateful for all the wonders you can enjoy. Acknowledge and be attentive to every smile you are given by acquaintances or strangers, to every kind word and take part in spreading human kindness. That type of kindness that does not expect something in return. The type of kindness that springs from the heart when you feel grateful for every little thing of this mystery we call life!

Stop complaining and open your eyes to see the course of humanity at the era and place where you live. You are not hungry and you are not cold. Do not take these for granted, they weren’t some years ago and they still are not available to many people. Open your eyes and look around: You can read these lines because you have electricity or a battery, you have heating, clean running water and so many more… Look and have some faith in humanity’s potential.

Stop focusing only at the wrongs of this world and see the technological breakthrough we have achieved. See the spiritual breakthrough. Yes, in some countries women cannot go for a coffee with their friends and they have to keep their bodies and faces covered, but on the other hand, you have the right not to obey any religion. Feel a little gratitude for the place where you were born, for the progress of your ancestors and be with your example part of the humanity’s evolution. That evolution that stems from goodness and aims not only at the individual well-being but at the collective as well.

It goes without saying that actions in order to improve the living conditions are necessary and constant for all of us, but in no way should it prevent us from being grateful for our existence and our achievements, individually and collectively.

Gratitude is not associated with idleness and complacency, neither with prettifying some situations. It is associated, however, with self-esteem, with the openness of the heart, at every moment, with the beauty that is available to us and with the action to improve everybody’s life.

Research has shown that gratitude can enhance well-being, increase resilience, strengthen social relationships and decrease stress and depression. The more grateful people are, the greater the prosperity and the satisfaction they get from their lives. They are alert, more generous, compassionate and happier.

The gratitude that a person feels, has the power to initiate a social dynamic which has the potential to extend the good to everyone who is involved. In order for you to understand this, we suggest that you experiment: Feel gratitude and from that standpoint reach out to people you know or not. An essential element of this experiment is the following: no matter what happens, do not let gratitude go away from your heart. To achieve this you need to practice first when you are alone, even for a few minutes before you go to bed at night and as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Good luck!!!



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