27th February 2017

“The Beloved” by Rumi

Mevlana Jalal ad-Din Rumi (1207 - 1273) is considered the greatest Persian -speaking poet and mystic. He expressed himself with such directness and rhythm that there is the belief that he composed his poems while being in ecstasy, while dancing. His verses describe all the stages of secret love, until the union - complete bonding between lover - loved one. Before he died he said "When I die look for me not on earth but in the hearts of educated people." Here is a poem from his collection The Beloved.
28th December 2016


After her first participation in a summer retreat, Mudita sent us a poem including her understandings from this unique experience with the following introduction:
"This poem was formed after the Active Mindfulness Retreat. The questions posed in the poem are the ones that have always been tormenting me. Do I live for myself? Who am I really? And since I don't want to live half a life, I decided to see how and learn how I can live completely! The process for this cause never really ends before the "end"! I would like to thank Serendipity Institute for the love and the support in this path."
28th February 2016

Happy Inner Child

“After primal deconditioning process many things are happening inside. Many beautiful, unknown parts of our self are revealing to us. After a meditation, spontaneously, I start writing a poem, dedicated to my happy inner child and I want to share it with you through Serendipity” Happy Inner Child. By Υatten Kranidiotou Oh my happy child I have inside Red and white gold and blue like the the wonderful sky It appears all the time coming from inside showing the path to a happy life. My happy child is a butterfly showing […]
3rd February 2016

EROS, Eternally Invincible…

A Zen poem dedicated to eros! Eros may be the closest substance to the concept of “life”, though  transcendental at the same time. It is the 6th sense, which necessarily involves, the pleasure derived from all five senses, of every person in love, participating  in an erotic act of two.   Eros leads to Nirvana. Nirvana is the door to Enlightenment. Thus, Eros is the door to Enlightenment and to life itself.   All these refer to the moment it reaches its climax and are not necessarily related with the […]
4th January 2016

A Zen poem of two…

Dedicated to demanding readers! It is said that we are coming alone and we are leaving alone. From one to One; beginning and end one and the same. Childhood and old age look alike. This is what it is said… haven’t seen it… Or even if my soul has seen it the soul remains silent facing the One and keeps its secrets… One way or another, the intermediate space, the journey, has an enormous importance, here, now. As what else could it be this Now than a journey to the […]
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