22nd April 2017

Thoughts on the occasion of 15 quotes by Jung

What makes you who you are? What are the factors determining your behaviour? Are you a prey to your past experience or do you get to decide your actions? These crucial questions seem so contemporary and yet they are timeless. People have always been troubled by them and trying to find an answer. Here are 14 + 1 quotes by Carl Jung to make you think on man's eternal pursuit of self-awareness.
28th March 2017

Myself and I – At last together

The glorious moment of meeting ourselves for the very first time, it is a sacred moment in our lives that cannot be forced, nor scheduled. It just happens suddenly, when we have been preparing ourselves systematically and we finally open up to this moment. This is exactly what happened to Siddana Kouros during the last Positive Sunday in Serendipity. We share with you the touchingly true text he sent us recounting his preparation process and the moment of union with himself. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his directness, his honesty and his courage to share his experience with us. We wish to all of you to have many moments like this one and we honestly do our best to support them.
26th March 2017

A Meditator’s Guide to Crises

Crisis, a word and a situation that entered our lives some years ago and became our primary concern and fear. Should we really be afraid of and daunted by crisis though? Is it so tremendous and disastrous as we think it is? Read Osho's mind-opening view on crises that might change the way you perceive your reality.
27th February 2017

Become a Child again

Do you feel that your daily routine has "swallowed" you? Do you find yourself living the same loop day in day out? Do you feel utterly confused when your routine changes and the circumstances require a little improvisation? Find the child in you to regain your imagination and your creativity. Read this article and find out what Osho has to say about this matter.
27th February 2017

“The Beloved” by Rumi

Mevlana Jalal ad-Din Rumi (1207 - 1273) is considered the greatest Persian -speaking poet and mystic. He expressed himself with such directness and rhythm that there is the belief that he composed his poems while being in ecstasy, while dancing. His verses describe all the stages of secret love, until the union - complete bonding between lover - loved one. Before he died he said "When I die look for me not on earth but in the hearts of educated people." Here is a poem from his collection The Beloved.
29th January 2017

Anger vs Mindfulness

Anger a strong and dominant emotion. When you are under its grip, it overwhelms you.
You cannot think clearly, you cannot restrain it, you cannot control yourself. A highly destructive emotion.
Do you want to get rid of it? Read the article and find practical tips on how to get anger out of your life.
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