gr Siddana Kouros, Greece:
“…Luckily fοr both of us, I came upon an exceptional ‘teacher’. A ‘teacher’ that could see you from the first moment, a ‘teacher’ far more different from all others I had met. She welcomed me with a big smile and a warm hug. A hug that was not like any other hug I’d experienced so far. Warm and calm, but above all, inspiring confidence! She knew right from the beginning, what I was supposed to do to reach out to you and see you…” Read here the full text of the experience: Myself and I – At last together

no Azman Levcik, London, U.K.:
I practice a lot of powerful self-improving techniques and meditations. But this place is like an incubator on steroids. I don’t know any other place/way/technique where so much work can be done in a such short time.
Bonus is fantastic food and other participants which always create a fantastic blend of souls.
As Terminator said: “I’ll be back.”

no Marit Narayani, Norway:
Thank you so much for your hospitality! Enjoyed B&B so much, so relaxed and easy. Serendipity really has the energy of a Buddhafield and it is a very beautiful place. I think I could spend days discovering new beautiful little details and feel the love you have put into this place. I realize now that I want to come back here to do a group with Mridu.

in Soma Thyssen, Australia:
There are no words to describe my experience at Serendipity Buddhafield. It’s an experience I would have never been able to experience anywhere else in the world. I have been blessed with being able to have the ecstatic experience of what it feels like to experience heaven on this beautiful earth of ours.
Two beautiful ladies Mridu and Marga gently held my hand and tenderly showed me the path to discover what a beautiful treasure we all have within us.
I feel that everything happens for a reason.
So, if you are reading this, it might just be a sign to at least contact Marga or Mridu and feel the amazing journey that is totally possible for you and all of us to have.

in Preeti Kothari  Pune, India:
Here in Serendipity, I really feel a beautiful bridge between beauty and depth, silence and laughter. A real “Zorba the Buddha” environment!I feel so good being here and experience it; the green surrounding, the singing birds, the blue sea and the energy of love and support to dive deep.  Mridu and Marga three cheers for creating this wonderful place where seekers can come and enjoy the groups in a safe atmosphere. Lots of thanks from deep of my heart!

gr Chandana, Taiwan:
Chinese translator of Osho books and publisher
Our compassionate leader Mridu guided us through a well-designed course of combining meditation, cooking, theatrical play, and dancing together, with a very nice support of Ma Marga who takes care of many things that the group needs. The group was taken place in a very beautiful and relaxed surrounding of a garden of many plants and flowers, because Mridu herself is a green thumb and she put a lot of energy to keep the garden ALIVE. During the course I experienced the laughter, love and friendship, it is very conducive to my existential being, and after the course I really feel more rejuvenated.
Mridu is very creative and full of love, during the course I got the message of “EXPERIENCE, NO CONTROL” from her which became my motto in these days. This motto blows my always controlled mind off. Really, my life has come to a point when I need a change and readjust my way of living and this group has helped me a lot. I feel a deep gratitude to my leader Mridu, supporter Marga and all the participants in our group, they are all very nice.

gr Julia Ford, England:
I am, perhaps like most people, loathe to put myself into the care of others…. I like to think of myself as strong, capable … ‘a responsibility taker’ and able to cope on my own. To be honest, I am also cautious and a little sceptical about the motives of others offering help… I wonder about hidden agendas……. but I was both mentally and physically broken, my mind wouldn’t, couldn’t stop churning and physically I was ‘dead woman walking’. I just didn’t know where to turn and had even less desire to do so. I have never felt so utterly alone …and yet I am a fortunate person, surrounded by family and friends. I think the odd truth is that your web page found me!
Whilst it is hard to put into words the enormity of what you did, I will give a try. You put a block into the self defeating downward spiral with quiet, unobtrusive, gentle support and kindness…. You gave me safe harbour with people who, whilst speaking a foreign language, in essence and essentially, spoke my language…. and at a time when I needed to be heard. I cannot thank you enough, for helping me get back into my own world. You were simply there, and gave and gave unequivocally and without looking for return.

gr Stephan Van S., Netherlands:
This week was like a first smell of a homemade pie while knowing that the taste would be even more delicious. Or in other words, this week was like an open minding experience and I can’t wait to taste more!

gr Lalit Tsikoudaki, Greece:
In Serendipity I came across with a new pathway of life and love.I felt totally lost when I first came at the Institute and here I found my path, my joy, my creativity, my feelings, my tribe!

gr Hiroshi Polidorou, Greece:
I have made three personal steps experiencing your workshops:
1. I leave my fears at home. I have nothing to fear when I am here.
2. I always bring myself with me. It is absolutely needed.
3. Good, bad or weird mood are all acceptable, so I can be what I am right now.

gr Gioconda Rosales, Brazil:
I had a wonderful experience, in every detail and I shared a lot with each other. I felt blessed. I am very grateful to each of you and I certainly would love to meet you again.

gr Michael O’ Connell, Ireland:
I’m in very good form and feel that my time with you and the other participants was such a positive and developmental experience for me. It was a privilege to experience the welcome and hospitality that I received as well as the various experiences of meditation and other healing inputs. I still have very real memories of it and have continued on my journey since. I am now feeling that a new and much more expansive experience of life is opening up for me.

gr Ludger Goeke, Germany:
I got back to Germany yesterday without any problems. I miss all of you very much. I missed the view to the sea and the mountains after getting up and the possibility to swim in the morning after getting up. But I think I took the energy with me to Germany. Thank you again for all the love and joy, that all of you gave to me in the last week! It really changed my life. I can’t wait to get back to Greece and see you all again!

gr Dimitris Dertouzos, Greece:
An oasis in the desert of stress and pressure of my everyday life. Every time I leave the Institute, feeling better and better. What wonderful and unique experiences I have had here, how interesting discussions, what a pleasant company of a bunch of smiling people… I am still not aware how it happens that every time I come here I get what I absolutely need in such a loving way! And every time it gets better! An enormous “thank you” from the bottom of my heart.

gr Filio Kranidiotou, Greece:
When I first came at Serendipity I was impressed by the simplicity and the quietness of the place. After repeatedly visiting the Institute for a whole year I may confess that every time I come, I experience the same feeling. The monthly meditation workshops I participate in and my contact with a lot of different and interesting people helped me a lot to change the way I was looking at myself, at life, and the people around me. I truly “see”; I clearly “hear”; I accept whatever life brings to me and flow with it; and lately my whole life has become a bouquet of pleasant surprises! I feel deep compassion for myself and the other people. I have incorporated with your valuable help messages that changed my life.

gr Ayachak Kastanakis, Greece
Every time I visit Serendipity I feel really good. I gradually come in contact with myself and I even feel nice being me! I found friends and solutions I would never have thought…and guess what more…that life is beautiful!

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