The crisis in Greece and the choice to be happy!
24th July 2015
Resourcing Retreat 2015
5th October 2015

Thank you for the Ride

Every end leads to a new beginning…

Another summer came to an end together with the multi-day Retreats in Serendipity Institute.

Magical moments of meditation, companionship, introspection, understanding, joy and enjoyment we experienced this year as well.

We met again with the Greek fellow travelers, despite the difficult circumstances. We met and embraced again good friends from abroad and we learned about their achievements, the leaps they managed to do in their life during this year. We met new, wonderful people who came to us with their quests, truth and beauty.

All together, young and not so young, men and women, people from all over Europe, even from the distant Australia, beginners and experienced ones on the path of self-knowledge we joined our energy, synchronized our hearts and dove deep into the search of our true self.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all and each one of you for the sincerity of your intentions, the companionship and the unique moments we shared on the path of self-knowledge.

We are getting ready for what comes next..     Stay tuned!


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