Primal Deconditioning Process
15th October 2014
Personal Development
1st April 2019

The journey of the evolution of man's awareness, which is depicted as his transformational path to freedom, is at the core of the 10-day retreat “The Freedom Process”. It is addressed only to participants who have already experienced the multiday retreats of Serendipity Institute.

Freedom is not an ideal as we were trained to believe but the essence of life itself.

Without it as a prerequisite and fertile ground, nothing beautiful can emerge as a fruit of the opportunity that every living being has and calls it life. Without the solid ground of freedom there cannot be any love, creativity, joy, cooperation, companionship, strength, evolution and anything else that would give meaning to the existence of every living being.

Crucial questions arise at this point and they need to be answered:

How do we perceive the concept of freedom when we refer to it? Are there kinds/stages of freedom? And where is the line that separates freedom from unaccountability. How is individual freedom connected to and aligned with collective freedom?

The Freedom Process leads you gradually and experientially to the answers to all these crucial questions that affect every aspect of the self but also of social life, as it weaves skillfully life's subtle truths, using the fertile ground of freedom and reaping the fruits from everything noble that gives meaning to our lives.

It is a 10-day awareness journey, a path towards maturity, during which you will pass experientially, with the help of a variety of self-awareness techniques and meditation techniques, through the 3 stages of conscious life on the path to true freedom:

1. The stage of Independence (Freedom From)
The stage at which man rebels, realizing the burden caused by his lack of consciousness and his obedience, and revolts against the commands of his environment.

2. The stage of Self-Fulfillment (Freedom For)
The stage at which man withdraws from the crowd following an individual, unique journey, seeking and pursuing what he recognizes as his own truth.

3. The stage of Freedom (Freedom)
The stage at which man having attained maturity, innocent and spontaneous like a child but also wise, graceful and receptive as only the man who is sculpted by the journey itself may be, experiences truly free the truth of ever-changing life.

This 10-day journey could be described as -and it actually corresponds to- a transformational course in which participants consciously experience the leap from the mind's dimension to the heart's dimension and finally to the dimension of their being. Or alternatively, from egocentrism to the fringes of individualism and from there to true individualism which can only exist within the healthy framework of collectivity.

At any stage of the above you might recognize yourself, it is certain that elements from all 3 stages compose what you call everyday life. Recognizing, understanding and deepening at each one of these stages is a necessary step towards your integrity, maturity and ultimately towards true freedom.

This retreat will give you the chance to work on yourself covering the whole spectrum of your life from different levels and it is addressed only to participants who have already experienced the multiday retreats of Serendipity Institute.

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