Life through a deforming mirror
29th June 2018
The Freedom Process – August 2018
29th August 2018


Much has been said and written about freedom… by many people, in different eras, from different points of view…

In this 10-day process, however, through intense experiential activities, a lot of meditation and talks for a demanding audience, we understood the misconceptions that we all have in the interpretation of the word freedom, it was understood in its essence, but also the characteristics and the way of life of the free man.

During these 10 days, in an intensive, self-awareness program which was created by Bodhi Mridu Makri, we acquired a valuable map of an inner path, in which every step brings us closer to true freedom. Of course, as it is always the case with hidden treasure maps, their understanding has many levels and in the case of this map, the understanding depends on the depth of recognition of the self, which each one of us has already reached or can reach.