Free Will for better or worse…
3rd September 2018

The great obstacle of modern man

In our era, there is no other obstacle keeping you from living the life that you desire but the obstacle of your beliefs.

Beliefs are the result of programming and they are repeatedly confirmed during your life by the people that you choose to associate with and by your surroundings defined by your social status.

It does not happen only to you, but to everyone and especially to those who don’t receive the great help of self-awareness in altering their life experience.

An easy though superficial example for you to understand this is to remember the times when it seems to you unrealistic or even tragic the way someone else thinks, behaves or speaks. If we read between the lines, in the phrases “different mentality/ religion/ morale/ tradition” etc we can find the essence, which is just different programming, different conditioning…

Beliefs function as blinkers in life, because they reduce the range of our available options and consequently our freedom itself. With reduced choices as regards our courses of action we deprive ourselves of the creative solutions which can lead us to the life that we desire to live. In some cases, we do not even dare to dream the life we want because we fear that “not one stone will be left standing” if we do it. This last part is a big lie that keeps at place the blinkers of choices on our eyes and our life.

The reality, however, that is imposed by life itself urgently demands the contrary. We live in an era that technology is evolving rapidly. Flexibility and innovation as human characteristics is a constant demand in every aspect. For sure, people with beliefs as blinkers cannot be flexible and innovative.

You need to clear your eyes to live the life that you desire in every aspect.

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