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5th June 2017
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The island of feelings – Manos Hadjidakis

Manos Hadjidakis was a Greek artist, dearly loved by the people. He is no longer with us but, fortunately, we still have his work. We cite a truly beautiful and touching story he wrote about love and its resilience through time. While reading it take into account the artist’s prerogative called “poetic license”. It will definitely give you food for thought and feelings.

Once upon a time, there was an island where all Feelings lived. On that island lived Happiness, Sorrow, Knowledge, Love and all the other emotions. One day they found out that their island would sink, so they repaired their boats and they started leaving.

Love was the only one who stayed behind. She wanted to stay till the last moment. When the island started sinking Love decided to ask for help.

She sees Wealth passing by in his shiny yacht.
Love asks him: “Wealth, can you take me with you?”
“No, I can’t”, replied Wealth. “I have silver and gold on my boat and there is no room for you.”

Then Love decided to seek help from Arrogance, who was also passing by in a very beautiful boat.
“Please help me”, said Love.
“I can’t help you Love. You are soaking wet and you will ruin my beautiful boat”, replied Arrogance.

Sorrow was also nearby so Love decided to ask her for help.
“Sorrow let me come with you.”
“Oh Love, I’m so sad that I want to be alone”, said Sorrow.

Happiness passed by Love but she didn’t notice her.
She was so happy that she didn’t even hear Love asking for help.

Suddenly, a voice was heard:”Love, come here! I’ll take you with me!”.
It was a very old man whom Love hadn’t met before, but she was filled with such gratitude that she forgot to ask his name.
When they reached the shore the man left and went on his way.

Love, knowing that she was greatly indebted to this man, asked Knowledge:
“Knowledge, who helped me?”
“Time”, replied Knowledge.
“Time?!”, asked Love. “Why would Time help me?”
Knowledge smiled and with her deep wisdom said:
“Only Time can understand how important Love is”.

We know that the human emotions are many, among of which there is also love.
Is it true though that love is just another emotion or is that which we perceive as love a tangle of emotions and aspirations?

In order to learn the true nature of love, to which time gives value and bestows its service, as in the above story, we need to unravel the tangle of feelings and aspirations. We need to detoxify ourselves from our repressed emotions.
If you want to find out with what meditation techniques you can do this, follow the link about Mystic Pathway to Love.


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