Life review and a conclusion
28th April 2018
Life through a deforming mirror
29th June 2018

The mind and its excessive authority

Why does the mind decide for everything? Simply because this is what we have assigned it to do! If we had charged it to do only mathematical operations rather than trying to control and manipulate ourselves, others and our experiences, it would do only mathematical operations.

It is a very useful instrument for wondering, creating and solving problems and this is exactly how mankind evolves in the fields of positive sciences and technology. Mankind also evolves in manipulating the mass of people, but at this point it makes a big mistake, since along with many other things, we have entrusted this to our mind as well and we make our lives difficult.

Another impressive ability that the mind has from the moment we are born is its ability to learn from the environment, to copy solutions and imitate behaviours. In a few words, to be programmed by the people in its environment, almost like a computer by its programmer. Your mind thinks that you should have more money, friends and experiences because it compares you to ideal situations that it sees in movies and fiction. Yes, even the smartest can be fooled, it has no filters and without your permission it is programmed even by movies!

The mind has the talent to think critically, to react, to divide and be divided in the face of dilemmas. To classify others as friends or enemies, to invent successes, threats and conspiracies. It makes lists with pros and cons for every decision it is called to make. This is how it works. Where’s the fault in that? The fault is that more often than not these are figments of imagination. Just as figment of your imagination, which derives from its skill to judge and compare, is the fact that it makes you a victim of the circumstances or it puts you above everybody else, wronged or lucky, moral or unethical and many more, whereas in reality whatever happens is just a sequence of events in a chaotic universe where everything depends even on… the flying of a butterfly! This is the chaos that the mind tries to control in order to have the desired outcome.

Why have we entrusted the mind to decide for everything then? Because this is how we have programmed it for generations now. We asked it to rule us because it finds practical solutions for survival.

You can spend your whole life trying to figure out how the mind works or you can set it aside ( assigning to it only what falls to its share) and you will understand everything.

Before you take this step, though, it is essential to study for a while the programming of your own mind so that you can overcome it. To achieve this, it is also necessary to restore the communication with the true center of your existence and from there to get ideas, feelings and actions. Do not react from your mind but act from your soul, from your being.

No one has ever managed to become wiser and at the same time live protected from difficulties and sadness. How happy you are in every situation and how much you live to your own and to your environment’s advantage, depends on the degree of guidance you draw from your being…



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