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12th October 2014
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14th October 2014

The Mystic Pathway to Love

Emotional Detox and Breakthrough


The Mystic Pathway to Love is an esoteric and transformative retreat opening the door for your deepest longing: LOVE!

The Mystic Pathway to Love

Just as the body needs food to survive, the soul needs love. Without the food, the air and the water, the body will not be able to survive and serve you; without love your soul starts shrinking. Love is the nourishment of the soul. And when we refer to love we do not refer to a momentous active emotion but to a state of being..

The Mystic Pathway to Love is a unique, intensive and liberating process in which you are supported to unburden your being from the dusty feelings you have gathered for years so that you get access into the sacred place of your heart and make a huge step on the path of your personal transformation. In other words, during the process you are encouraged to gradually tear down the walls you have built between you and the world around you, and open to the unique experience of unconditional love– for yourself, for others and for the world. This natural opening reveals the deeper meaning and purpose of your life, leading you to realize your Essence and your connection with the Divine, leaving you strong, open and fulfilled.

The Mystic Pathway to Love

It is a deeply healing meditative process based on a new concept merging the western approach of therapy and the eastern knowledge of meditation, which penetrates to the very core of your energy through Laughter, Tears and Silence.

On top of it, there are evening sessions where in a meditative state, poetry readings are reaching freely the core of your soul giving you a unique direct experience of your Essence.

After the completion of the daily process, there will be 4 hours of free time every afternoon for swimming in the sea and relaxation.
Also, one of the most valued parts of the retreat is the opportunity for sharing with the facilitator on scheduled night sessions.

The Mystic Pathway to Love The Mystic Pathway to Love The Mystic Pathway to Love

A closer look at the process of the Meditative Therapy

During the first hour of Laughter you will have the chance to rediscover your vitality, your spontaneity, your joy, your childlike innocence you were born with. Although it may sound impossible to laugh for an hour per day, the dynamic of the collective group energy makes this not only possible, but it will also add into your life an unforgettable experience of laughter that you have never had before. As laughter is a natural therapeutic energy force, it will naturally lead you to the breakthrough of layers of inhibitions, while empowering you, in a very fast and playful way. Laughter is a rebellious and full of freedom journey into the essence of your luminous inner child. It changes your outlook on life allowing you to look at the events from the “Big Positive Perspective”.

Moving during the second hour into the deeper layer of sadness and tears, you will be able to release the pain and the anxiety that has been buried deep in your soul for years; the unexpressed despair which causes the dis-ease and the majority of our psychological problems. In a loving, supportive atmosphere where all the participants around you are crying as well, you will feel the permission to let yourself cry totally and your painful and fearful experiences will simply dissolve in this collective healing of the heart. This unburdening is experienced as a rebirth that releases your natural joy, allowing you to live a more vibrant, empowered and joyous life.

Silence which is the final stage of the meditative therapy, during the third hour, is to ground and integrate the experiences and changes you will have gone through in the two hours of laughter and tears. Sitting silently, allowing your energy to settle into the present moment where peace prevails, you will find this hour a blissful rewarding existential experience. During this hour the power of awareness and the capacity to dis-identify yourself from all the dramas of your daily life, will open the door to your personal transformation. In this stage you will have the chance to develop the capacity to live in the present moment, connected with your infinite love and your higher consciousness.

There will be three sittings of approx. 60 minutes each, separated by two 30 minute periods of silent free time in the garden. After the completion of the morning process, there will be 4 hours of free time every afternoon for swimming in the sea and relaxation. Also, one of the most valued parts of the retreat is the opportunity for sharing with the facilitator on scheduled night sessions.

The depth and intensity that you are going to experience during this retreat will release energy blocks, negative belief systems and repressions of years, thereby allowing you to come in contact with the longing of your heart for Truth and opening the door for your living a more free, spontaneous and joyous life.

“Let your tears be released and your laughter be released and you will feel like a new man.”

“Nobody can teach you love. Love you have to find yourself, within your being, by raising your consciousness to higher levels.” - Osho

Is the “Mystic Pathway to Love” Retreat for me?

The “Mystic Pathway to Love” retreat is equally addressed and is beneficial for both beginners and experienced meditators.
More specifically this retreat is for you if:

  • You feel disconnected from your feelings
  • You often feel overwhelmed by your feelings
  • You are looking for a life partner but you feel life does not go along with your needs
  • You feel that your feelings towards people do not find correspondence
  • You wish to open to love and compassion but you do not know how
  • You are eager to discover your true strength
  • You want to deepen your understanding about yourself, other people and life
  • You are entangled in the idea that love hurts
  • You feel disconnected from the unity of life

By deliberately stepping out of your everyday life and coming into a retreat environment, the subtle habit patterns of your heart and mind are more easily accessed, giving you the choice to unburden whatever is not useful anymore for you, opening the pathway of consciousness and serenity.

What may I expect from the “Mystic Pathway to Love” Retreat?

Among others it offers you the opportunity to:

  • Get in touch and realize your true longing and potential
  • Experience the validity of the expression of your feelings
  • Learn to use simple tools to come out of your old patterns of fear, compromise, and isolation
  • Open your trust and your heart
  • Participate in an invitation to radically transform how you interact with the world around you both internally and externally
  • Cultivate a new position of acceptance and serenity towards life
  • Live a uniquely personal meditative experience that can move you through emotional release into the exquisite tenderness of your being
  • Have a deep experiential understanding of your path towards Truth
  • Expand your awareness on every field of your life coming in contact with your depth and wisdom
  • Expand your awareness on every field of your life coming in contact with your depth and wisdom
  • Enlighten yourself about who you are
  • Radiate compassion, kindness and intelligence.

Who is facilitating the retreat?

MRIDU MAKRI (Transformational Therapist)

Mridu Makri is a graduate of the Psychology department at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. From the very beginning of her career in psychology, she seeks more effective self-awareness techniques and healing methods, while exploring the path of her personal development. She spends several months each year in India, Denmark and Italy being trained for the next twelve years in new experiential psychological techniques, meditation techniques as well as energy healing methods which she applies during her stay in Greece. Seeking the key to transforming an individual she combines the knowledge and the tools in which she is trained with the depth of the understanding she has acquired and creates an innovative methodology through which she achieves direct and sustainable results in improving people's lives. The key to the methodology's effectiveness is its flexibility and adaptation to the particular needs of the individual. This is the methodology she applies guiding hundreds of people from all over the world, counting over than 15 years of experience in guiding individuals and groups.


Marga Frida comes into contact with personal development and meditation at the end of the third decade of her life and gradually changes her way of life into a conscious way of life. Professionally she comes from the field of advertising, managing her own advertising company for 20 years and offering her clients strategic and communication services. Having worked intensively for her personal development and self-awareness, she is trained in Meditation guidance, in Alternative Psychological Therapies at National Kapodistrian University of Athens and she is Reiki Master. Today, she offers her knowledge and experience in Serendipity, supporting anyone who wants to improve his life and live consciously.

Daily Program at a glance!

8.00’- 9.30’ : Breakfast
10.00’-11.00’: Laughing Meditation
11.00’-11.30’: Break
11.30’-12.30’: Tears Meditation
12.30’-13.00’: Break
13.00’-14.00’: Silent Meditation
14.00’-15.00’: Lunch
15.00’-19.00’: Free time for swimming in the sea or resting
19.00’-20.00’: Kundalini Active Meditation
20.00’-21.30’: Dinner
21.30'-22.30': Evening session


This 8-days retreat is offered with breakfast, lunch, dinner in the Institute and Accommodation in a room of the Institute with banquettes (1-2). Please keep in mind that there is also the possibility for a single-bed room with an extra cost, by arrangement.