Reiki 1st Degree (Usui Shiki Ryotto system) 2016
4th October 2016
Vacations: A Need to Escape or A Right to Rejuvenation?
27th November 2016

There aren’t any easy solutions, magic items or fairies to fix our lives and souls. It is solely up to us to evolve and become spiritual human beings. This fact alone constitutes the miracle of our existence.

Self knowledge is the only way leading to spirituality. This is simply because the more we augment the free of guilt or shyness understanding of ourselves, the more aspects of our personalities we come to acknowledge, the wider it becomes our understanding of everyone and everything.

The wider and at the same time the deeper one’s understanding, the more it transforms the expression of his personality and the closer he gets to his true self, his own being .

The more one expresses his true self, the more he comprehends the laws of the three-dimensional and universal reality and thus approaches true spirituality; that of enlightenment.

It is also true that in order for someone to walk the path to self knowledge, he should have:

Love, so that he is able to love everything, even his mistakes.

Inner cultivation, so that the roughness has softened, the firm beliefs have broken and the man may now perceive reality from many different perspectives.

Patience and persistence, as this is the only way to deepen the understanding and reach the transformation. The achievement of self awareness requires time and sustained effort.

Courage, not to cover up the truths he sees about himself. We need to face our personality in order to change it.

Humility, as only a humble person can feel tiny and grand at the same time.

One may have all of the above, or some of them, to a greater or lesser extent. Any of these characteristics one does not possess in a considerable degree, he will be obliged to develop them more, as the lack of them would be a determinant obstacle in his path to self knowledge. The necessary tools for the development of these traits are the following two:

A group of people who have the same purpose. Ideally, these people are on different levels of understanding.

A master. Alive and in person. You cannot have a teacher via reading a book. Guidance is needed to recognize, understand and feel our true self.

 And why would one want to develop his spirituality?

In these strange times that we live, superficial knowledge is dominant and disorients people leading them to false conclusions. This is apparent even in politics, in the leaders of the whole world. There is no better shelter for the modern man than recognition and empowerment of the true self. This way life becomes more simple, more fun and more real! What more could we do as humanity than developing each one of us his own true and beautiful nature? Only then we can hope for a better society.

If you have read this article up to this point, even if you have questions,

come, come and yet come!



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