Memorable moments from Primal Deconditioning Process 2016
7th June 2016
Active Mindfulness Retreat 2016
6th July 2016

Once upon a time there was a young child named Yu. Yu was living with his parents in a beautiful house. He was a very sweet and happy kid full of life and energy. He liked playing, singing and drawing.

Yu really enjoyed spending time with his mom and helping her with the housework in the morning when dad was at work. And then waiting for dad to come home and listen to all those amazing stories about his day at work.

One day, while Yu was helping his mom tidy up the house, he thought how nice it would be to draw a big picture for her. One that she could see every time she did the housework. So, he got his colored pencils and started making a beautiful drawing on the wall. He was so excited thinking that it would make his mom very happy. But mom wasn’t happy when she saw the drawing. She took away his pencils and told him “Don’t do that again! You shouldn’t draw on the walls.” Yu was very confused, he only wanted to make her smile.

Later that day, when his dad came home Yu was very excited again as he would sing a new song he had learned to his dad. But when he started singing his dad said: “Be quiet Yu! Stop making all this noise!”.

Yu was very perplexed that day. He wanted to show his joy and love to his parents and they discouraged him, they even seemed annoyed. From that day on Yu tried a few more times, more hesitantly now of course, to make his parents happy in a creative way but their reaction was the same. So, inevitably, he stopped displaying his emotions so openly, he became more reserved, more cautious as he didn’t want to experience his parents’ disapproval again.

And the years went by and Yu kept being reserved. Always holding himself back, always repressing his feelings, always alone even when with company.

That was the story of Yu. If you can understand that Yu is You and that this story is your story too. If you can realize that you participated in this exact same story or in a similar one during your childhood with maybe a slightly different sequence of events which you may even not remember very clearly. If you wish you could change the ending of the story.

Then, you can take part in a unique experience where you will have the opportunity to get rid of the negative behaviors and remember who you were before the world told you who you should be. This is the life altering experience of Resourcing Retreat which you have the chance to enjoy here in Serendipity Institute. During this retreat, through two efficient and highly effective techniques, primal art therapy and born again meditation, you have the chance to break the old behavioral patterns and reclaim your innocence, your spontaneity and your true self.


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