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30th October 2016
28th December 2016

Vacations: A Need to Escape or A Right to Rejuvenation?

We spend all year waiting for the summer vacations, looking forward them, making plans and as soon as they are over we start planning for next summer. They are our favorite time of the year. One could even say that we are just being patient for the rest of the year till it is time for vacations.

Vacations as we know them today did not exist before the 19th century and when they first appeared they were a privilege only enjoyed by the upper classes. They acquired their current form only in the last century.

However, vacations do not equate free time, fun or recreation. These pre-existed and there are references, for example, about the importance of playing and entertainment even in Plato.

What was the need, though, that led to the creation of vacations?

The need to escape our everyday life. Not having to do the same things we do every day, to get rid of our responsibilities and obligations even if it is just for a little while.

The need to escape ourselves. To be more free, more carefree, more happy. To do whatever we don’t do in our everyday life. To become someone else.

Nevertheless, the current popular form of vacations does not seem to serve any of these purposes. During holidays we just adopt a different type of an everyday routine. The only reason why this routine does not get boring is that it does not last long.

And of course, we can never escape ourselves. We are always ourselves. During vacations we just reveal another side of us.

It is very common to feel frustrated as well as unfulfilled when we return from our vacations. These feelings are not solely due to our return to everyday life but also to vacations’ inability to satisfy our deepest needs. Let’s be honest, a luxurious living in an island does not bring about the psychological and emotional completeness that the vacationer would expect to gain. He will try many times to convince himself that he feels complete or serene because so says the brochure and so say other people and this is how he must feel.

This does not mean that vacations are unnecessary. On the contrary, they are a very important part of life and perfectly capable to fulfill their purpose as long as we dare to choose a different kind of holidays.

The decisions we make regarding vacations are determined by the general socio-cultural context we live in and of course by the prevailing public opinion. As a result, we end up making the same choices every year even though they fail to satisfy us.

Have you ever thought that it is possible to have a nice time during your holidays because you satisfy your deepest needs for relaxation, serenity and self awareness? That you can relax and have fun while you grow spiritually? That you can get rejuvenated and return to your everyday life full of new ideas and energy?

In Serendipity Institute we offer you a unique opportunity to experience a completely different and distinct kind of vacations. Here you can combine fun and relaxation with introspection and self-awareness. You can let your body rest, cultivate your spirit and increase your self-awareness, achieving this way the true purpose of holidays.

If you are sick and tired of monotonous and unfulfilling vacations. If you really want to rejuvenate yourself, come to experience a unique kind of summer vacations in Serendipity Institute!


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