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Our Excellence


Kindness, respect, support, joy and above all, love is what you will find here.

Love for our self and our work. Love for you, for your sensitive and your powerful side; love for your effort, your quest, for your tears and your smile. Love for nature and all living beings. Love for life itself. We strongly believe that the time for a new man is about to come. In this direction we have put our creative powers into the service of supporting your wondering soul that seeks for inner transformation.

Inner transformation on the path of joy is our practice. We believe in and experience the tremendous transforming power of joy. We have experienced both the ineffectiveness of discovering traumas and sinking into them and the meaningfulness of transforming them by using tools provided in joyful practices. That’s why we have built all our retreats on the effective basis of joyful practices that helps you melt your repetitive painful patterns and misconceptions.

All our retreats are well designed covering all the aspects of human spectrum offering you a holistic experience.

All our retreats are distinguished for the:

  • Deep Transcendental work using holistic and multidimensional approaches.
  • Experience-based understanding that is provided using gentle approaches.
  • Small number of participants enjoying the care of the facilitator and the staff.
  • Experienced Facilitators who are passionate with their work and have created something unique in their field.

We, in Serendipity Institute for Creative Living, have embraced as our loving mission to share our excellence with each one of you; and we are immensely grateful for this to all of you.


Who We Are

Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful even without looking for it. Julius H. Comroe once described serendipity as: “to look for a needle in a haystack and get out of it with the love of your life, the farmer’s daughter!”

Serendipity Institute was born in 2008 through a sequence of “pleasant surprises” for its supporters and this is the feeling it wishes to generate to you.

In Serendipity Institute we meet the needs of the new era, proposing you Meditation & Holidays , through a well chosen program of retreats. Serendipity Personal Growth Holidays are held in Europe and specifically in Greece. Here, you will find the best of Greece in one place and the opportunity to live next to a Sandy Beach near Athens.

Our vision is to spread the holistic ZORBA THE BUDDHA WAY OF LIVING philosophy, a creative way of living you are going to experience, through a joyful adventure that we named “All in One Experience“. The backbone of all our retreats and programs is living this holistic experience, through which you have the opportunity to discover and express the luminous side of yourself and life itself.


Mridu and Marga are Serendipity Institute’s head supporters.

Bodhi Mridu Makri holds a MA in Psychology and Counseling from the National University of Athens. After working as a psychologist for some years and looking for more effective healing tools while exploring her own personal introspection, she meets Osho. This leads her to Poona in India where she spends a considerable amount of time for twelve years, devoted in transforming herself and exploring new directions on the pathway of inner growth. She is certified in Primal Therapy, Art Therapy, Meditative Therapies, Meditation Techniques, Mindfulness and Energy Work. She has developed by walking on it, her own authentic path in personal transformation, synthesizing the knowledge and the tools she was given with the depth she has acquainted. She is a Transformational Therapist with 15 years of experience in working with people from all over the world and leading groups.

Marga Frida met meditation and introspection in her late 30’s and gradually changed her way of life. Professionally, she comes from advertising, running her own agency for 20 years and offering her clients communication services. Her meeting with meditation was a huge turn in her life leading her into a new way of thinking and lifestyle and transforming her experience of a lifetime. Today, having devoted herself in the inner transformation after having intensively worked on the pathway of inner growth, she dedicates her time and herself to the Serendipity Institute supporting all those who are interested in living the ZORBA THE BUDDHA WAY OF LIVING experience.

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