Our Excellence


Here you will find direct and sustainable results for anything that troubles you and this is not just a promise, but the truth experienced by hundreds of people, who have trusted us for the past 15 years.

All of our retreats, groups or personal retreats, are perfectly designed to cover every aspect of human behaviour, offering you a holistic experience. We apply psychology and meditation practices in a perfect combination and balance, that makes the process innovative, with direct and sustainable results for many people till today, who have evolved and brought into their lives what they desired.

Kindness, respect, support, confidentiality, care and above all love permeate all the actions that you will find here. Love for ourselves and our work. Love for you, for your sensitive and your strong side, for your effort, for your quest, for your tears and your smile. Love for life itself, for nature and all its creatures.

The self-awareness process does not have to be a time of sadness but of joy. It is proven ineffective to discover traumas and sink into them. It is effective to transform them into unique qualities. This is the path we choose to guide you through so as to replace your recurring painful patterns of behaviour and your misconceptions with new standpoints beneficial to you and the people around you, with actions that reflect your qualities. So that you enjoy your beautiful self and your life.


Our Mission and Vision

We know that the new era we live in -on the verge of a new revolution linked with the strident advances of technology- requires a new mentality to be diffused in societies, so that we can respond to evolution.

We work for personal development, self-awareness, mindfulness and well-being of the people, free from any religious and ideological affiliations, offering immediate and sustainable results in improving their lives. Our vision is that more and more people can live a conscious and meaningful life in harmonious coexistence with all the living beings and our planet.


Who we are

Mridu Makri is a graduate of the Psychology department at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. From the very beginning of her career in psychology, she seeks more effective self-awareness techniques and healing methods, while exploring the path of her personal development. She spends several months each year in India, Denmark and Italy being trained for the next twelve years in new experiential psychological techniques, meditation techniques as well as energy healing methods which she applies during her stay in Greece. Seeking the key to transforming an individual she combines the knowledge and the tools in which she is trained with the depth of the understanding she has acquired and creates an innovative methodology through which she achieves direct and sustainable results in improving people’s lives. The key to the methodology’s effectiveness is its flexibility and adaptation to the particular needs of the individual. This is the methodology she applies guiding hundreds of people from all over the world, counting over than 15 years of experience in guiding individuals and groups.

Marga Frida comes into contact with personal development and meditation at the end of the third decade of her life and gradually changes her way of life into a conscious way of life. Professionally she comes from the field of advertising, managing her own advertising company for 20 years and offering her clients strategic and communication services. Having worked intensively for her personal development and self-awareness, she is trained in Meditation guidance, in Alternative Psychological Therapies at National Kapodistrian University of Athens and she is Reiki Master. Today, she offers her knowledge and experience in Serendipity, supporting anyone who wants to improve his life and live consciously.

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