Am I a Meditator or Just Practicing “Meditation”?
31st October 2015
The root problem of all problems is mind itself.
27th January 2016

There is a great truth which I am not sure how many of you are familiar with and at what degree.

The greatest tragedy in life is not death but the loss of the self, of my light, of what I was born to live.

If I lose contact with my qualities, with the light that I am, life becomes more unbearable than death. This is why people commit suicide, either literally, or in a thousand other ways: falling into depression, doing drugs, eating, developing autoimmune diseases, going insane. Because if I live apart from myself, without my qualities which compose my indisputable value and uniqueness, life becomes more unbearable than death. And when that happens to many people, when a lot of people have forgotten who they are, then we have a planet committing suicide!

If we desire to live happily, we need to remember who we are and live it. Happiness has nothing to do with external achievements, but mainly with the internal ones. If we desire a beautiful world to live in, we need to remember who we are and live it. This beautiful world is the microcosm that we create and live in, not something vague and distant in the future. This is the only way leading to peace and happiness. And I really cannot say that we will manage to live on a planet that lives in harmony in this lifetime, but it is our sacred duty to ourselves not to destroy the opportunity for happiness we are given through this life. It is our sacred duty towards the next generations not to destroy the possibility for them to live in harmony. So far each generation has done its best with the means and the consciousness it possessed. But this turns out to be very little, because all the generations up to now have made the same major mistake: they sacrificed their present for an allegedly better future. They sacrificed their present for an allegedly better future for their children.  In fact, they threw the ball to the next generation! This, however, keeps the same vicious circle going on, as they sacrificed the possibility for happiness in their life (and they are very angry and frustrated about it) and at the same time burdened their children with the obligation to pay off for a sacrifice that no child has ever asked for. Trapping their children in a false struggle that does not allow them to dare to do what no other generation ever dared. Each generation makes the same mistake expecting a different outcome…

On our generations befalls a greater burden as we possess more resources and more consciousness. This creates a greater responsibility for us which we cannot pretend that we do not see. The sooner we understand what is really at stake and act with intensity and commitment towards this direction, the higher the chances to live beautifully and save the world that is given to us; a world that we do not own, we just borrowed. The challenge for each one of us is to create a beautiful life which we can enjoy by living ourselves in the here and now and consequently at the same time to leave behind as a contribution – to the extent that corresponds to each one of us – something better than what we were given. To create a beautiful life for ourselves and to leave behind a better world and not to just expect from the next generation to do all the work… This is the challenge every generation faces. So ask yourselves, which forces have you sided with, what kind of life do you offer to yourselves and what kind of world do you bequeath to your children, your nephews, your friends’ children? Closing your eyes, assuming that you bear no responsibility for the life you lead, the world you live in, being the victims of the times, I can assure you that this is an illusion it will soon dissolve…  It will fall instantly into pieces the moment your child or a young person will stand before you and tell you the great truth: you had other choices too but you never cared to try them neither you took ever the responsibility to search for them.    

As you can see to “know thyself” is not a luxury only for the rich as many people think, a hobby for those who have solved their everyday problems or on the contrary, for those who are problematic. It is a necessity and responsibility towards ourselves in order to live happily and towards the next generations and the world we live in. Keep it deep in your mind and heart and do not forget it ever again when you return to the life each one of you has chosen.

For those of you who work with yourselves for some years now, I hope today’s day was a reminder and crystallization of your path. For those of you who came here for the first time, I hope I managed to bring some light into your lives. This is the responsibility that I personally undertook a long time ago, ever since I can remember myself… This is for me positive action and positive life.

                                                                                                                                                BODHI MRIDU


Closure of POSITIVE SUNDAY RETREAT, guided by Mridu on 22-11-2015 at Serendipity Institute.

Here you can see, on Serendipity Facebook page, some pictures from the  retreat.


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