Serendipity Institute is a safe and organized environment in which visitors and guests are able to experience the Zorba The Buddha Way of Living, covering their cosmic needs and achieving introspection. The space is designed so as to offer its guests the opportunity to bloom, live their lives creatively and walk all the way the path of their personal development.

Using Zorba as a symbol we mean the person who lives life to the fullest without fear and expectations, following its flow with the freedom of the moment. Respectively, using Buddha as a symbol we mean the person who has the consciousness to recognize the truth every moment and acts from a point of certainty and serenity, fully harmonized with life.

ZORBA THE BUDDHA WAY OF LIVING advocates the creative encounter of life and the enjoyment of every single moment through a light and joyful perspective; it leads to a wholly creative way of life in which each one of us and you personally can find:

  • The serene power to face life’s situations instead of running away from them
  • A clear view of all the decisions you have to make in your life
  • The courage to express yourself
  • The art of acting without effort and fatigue
  • Love for yourself, people and life
  • Health, vital energy and intelligence deriving from serenity and peace
  • Meaning in every moment, meaning in life, meaning in your existence